inFamous Split Into Several Regions

GOONL!NE: "Sucker Punch has announced on their forums that inFamous will have no English dub in the game within most regions the game comes out bar the UK, Portugal and Russia, meaning the Beaurux regions of Europe will have to put up with Belgan and Dutch voicing dubs as well as their respective menus in their language."

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Aggesan3472d ago

I can't believe this is correct, but if it is it sucks.
What about us who live in scandinavia, what version do we get? I hope it's the english version, since that is the only secondary language everyone is taught in school.

HBK6193472d ago

Importing would be your best option.

anh_duong3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

the reason sony did this was to stop people taking advantage of the cheap pound and importing from the uk... good from a business point of view but bad if you are a gamer from europe looking to save money..

the game itself isn't region locked however but the cheapest version will be english language version.. this will be okay if you speak english but not good if you don't.. many people have also mentioned that the english dialogue is better with better synching but of course you will need to be able to listen to english or at can read english..

Yi-Long3472d ago

"the reason sony did this was to stop people taking advantage of the cheap pound and importing from the uk... good from a business point of view but bad if you are a gamer from europe looking to save money.. "

Obviously, that will be Sony's intention, but my guess is that this will just cause a whole lot more people to import the game to get the english-version.

I sure know that here in Holland that will most definately be the case, and I'm sure many MANY people here who DO buy it in the local shop (unaware), will be mad as hell about the exclusion of english and will just return the game to the store the next day. They will then import the game, notice how much cheaper and more convenient that is, and will probably stick to importing games from then on!

It's just a horrible decision by Sony on so many different levels: they're screwing over their customers who definately dont want this kinda release, plus they're screwing themselfs cause they have just given a whole bigger group of gamers a reason to check out about this 'importing games' business.

If they're so worried about their sales in the euro-countries, maybe they shouldnt price their games 70 euros a game(!)

Ghoul3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

ium heading over to my store in germany to pick up my us import :D it arrived today :D


p.s. german is also tought as second language very often at least in norway.

hesido3472d ago

"the reason sony did this was to stop people taking advantage of the cheap pound and importing from the uk..."

They got it all backwards then, the only thing they could have done would be releasing only English dubs in UK. That would be the best they could have done. Now more people would import it..

anh_duong3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

i agree.. read my comment below. sony should have released a full all language edition for the euro denominated countries.

should have consulted a few people before they made the decision.

Ghoul3472d ago

dont believe me `???

well here is the proof

CoxMulder3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

UPDATE: Sony working on a patch/update allowing you to select the English voice-track


...Thank god, this really had my panties in a bunch ;P

WTH were they thinking?

Downtown boogey3472d ago

ENGLISH will be the default language for us Europeans...
You know... How the flock can you even think that's be true AND how the hell can they?

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Yi-Long3472d ago

... imagine how screwed over the gamers here in Holland will feel when they buy the game at a local store (for 70 euro(!) ) and it will just have a horrible Dutch dub, while missing the original english language dub...

Obviously, gamers who are on websites and are aware of this issue, will just import the game (for much cheaper), but many MANY people will only find out their mistake when they bought their over-expensive copy and get back home, only to be severly disappointed.

It's completely ridiculous that Sony has insisted on this. I really hope as many gamers as possible are warned, and that reviews will take this issue into account when giving out the scores.

Us dutch gamers (the vast majority of them anyway) don't WANT our software dubbed in Dutch. We just want the original language.

What were they thinking!?

Johnny Cullen3472d ago

Truth be told, I was kinda expecting for Killzone 2, keep the English dub in, but make it mandatory for other countries to have their language like Dutch, with Guerrilla making the game in Amsterdamn.

Yi-Long3472d ago

There should be absolutely no such thing as mandatory local languages. That would just cause massive extra costs, extra delays, etc.

The vast majority just wants to play the game in the english language anyway, and if it's a japanese game, they want the japanese voices and obviously english subs.

If ANYTHING should be mandatory, it should be that the original language should ALWAYS be included as an option. WIth Blu-ray, there is absolutely no valid reason to not include it.
Obviously, they're free to add as many languages as they want as alternative options, but English (and for japanese games, japanese) should always be included.

CoxMulder3472d ago

If my game's in dutch, it's going back immediately... Can't stand that shat!

I knew Sony would find a way to screw up another launch, I knew it!!

Dutch gamers won't stand for this!! (I hope)

Gadverdamme, wat een kutactie..

Baka-akaB3472d ago

I feel for everyone concerned . I however always import my games from usa or japan anyway so i wont feel the sting .

BYE3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Stupid decision. For a 70 Euro game I expect English AND my mother language to be on it, especially since it's Blu Ray and there is no excuse for not having it on there.

Well fine, I will now cancel my pre-order and wait for it to turn into a budget title.

Less features = worth less money.

Yi-Long3472d ago

What's your mother language!? Do you come from a country where you're used to dubs in your own language, and do you always insist on having that as an option!? Or do you usually LIKE the idea of your own language being there as an option, but do you prefer to play your games in English!?

Instead of waiting for it to go budget, you could just import it for 35-40 euro orso, and have the english language. :)

Personally, I might pick it up in a few weeks when I'm in Hong Kong, where it will probably sell for 25-30 euro orso. I haven't played the demo yet, so first I'll check that out to see if I actually like it.

Obviously NO WAY that I'm ever paying 70 euro for a new game. Ever.

anh_duong3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

fair comment.. the volatility of foreign exchange rate is causing havoc with sony's budgeting.. in theory, the collapse of the british pound over the las year uk has meant that games should be priced higher in the uk to remove the 'arbitrage'.. however, with the uk economy so weak sony can't afford to pitch the game much higher so they resort to more natural import controls i.e. language.

as a uk gamer, this is possibly a good thing because if everyone imported from europe sony would have no choice but to up prices.. as a continental europe buyer this sucks because they will lose the english dialogue/opportunity to import at a lower cost...

what sony should have done is made a 'uk' type sku with just english and peripheral languages (portugese, russia, poland etc) to be sold in the uk and smaller european markets with weaker curencies/smaller user base.. and also made a core europe sku which contains all other european (including english) languages.

this way at least you can enjoy the english language without messing up the budget process for all sony euro regions.

BYE3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

For movies, I prefer watching them in English, I want to have the original voices, most of the German dubs suck anyway.

For games, I play through both languages, English and German. Especially in a "karma game" like this it would have been a nice option which adds to the replay value.

Yes, maybe the Asian version is an alternative. I will check this one.

lh_swe3472d ago

But I live in Sweden and we always get English copies, but I guess that's because we don't exactly have a huge population.

Erratic3472d ago

Swedish here too, so yeah whenever I've bought a game here they're in English, but the cheap pound makes it impossible to resist importing ;D My brother bought a Ps3 this Christmas and he has only ordered games from the UK. The price average? 300 sek o_O

lh_swe3472d ago

I've been using my discount cards and trading in old games to get by but this solves all my worries, thanx bro.

Erratic3472d ago

I should note that he doesn't buy his games the moment they're released though. But he did buy Street Fighter 4 for about 300 sek a month after it was released. You should check out and, they tend to have cheap deals quite fast after releases.

lh_swe3472d ago

I have been eagerly anticipating this game for a f***long time now.

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