E3 2009 Build Up - Most Anticipated: #10; Motorstorm: Arctic Edge on Playstation Portable & Playstation 2

PushSquare: "Motorstorm has been one of the breakout Playstation 3 franchises in the past few years. Alongside Resistance and Uncharted, it is now one of the more important titles in defining the Playstation experience. Like Resistance, Motorstorm is preparing its jump onto the PSP and PS2 this year with Motorstorm: Arcitic Edge."

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get2sammyb3166d ago

Cracking glaciers for the win?

-MoOkS-3166d ago

I honestly don't think motorstorm should be a title regarded as " defining the playstation experience". Both of them are very average game's, low AA at best.

get2sammyb3166d ago

I think Pacific Rift is an excellent game -- and like the Wipeout's of the PSX era, I think it's very indicative of the Playstation experience, regardless of your opinion on their quality.

It's fast, it's ruthless and it's a little bit crazy.

-MoOkS-3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Don't even compare it to a franchise like Wipeout. Motorstorm IS repetitive and get's borrring. Motorstorm 2 is basically the same as the first, except it has those zone things, fire, water, air and lava.

Here, I corrected your last statement:

It's fast, it's ruthless, it's repetitive, it's got poor track design and it's a little bit crazy.

get2sammyb3166d ago

I totally disagree. How can a game with multiple track routes be repetitive. By nature racing games are all about learning tracks and their corners - so in a sense they are "repetitive" - but if any racing game breaks those barriers it's Motorstorm, simply because of the changing landscape, multiple routes and the fact that different routes are advantageous or hindering for different car types.

Essentially Motorstorm rewards exploration as well as strategic boosting and solid racing.

You're entitled to your opinion but please don't pretend it's fact. If you don't like Motorstorm move on -- leave this to those of us who do.

OmarJA3166d ago

Says the guy who own a 360.

Shane Kim3166d ago

Don't bother get2sammyb, he hasn't even played the game.

xabmol3166d ago

You dumbass.

This Mooks guy is the same guy trying to argue that Halo3 runs in full 1080p.

Disregard this bot.

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Roper3163166d ago

I will get the PS2 version because I don't own or want to own a PSP.

stevenhiggster3166d ago

I'll get it for the PSP but it would be pretty sweet if they made it for the PS3 too, the snowy landscapes would look awesome in HD.

flip-it33166d ago

I might buy a psp for this game also rock band, god of war, LBP, Holy invasion of privacy badman, wipeout, fifa 10 and hopefully more to be announced.