Sony wins battle of the E3 booths

But who will win the battle of the booth babes?...

E3 is back early next month, with a return to the spectacle of old – with games publishers and hardware manufacturers putting serious amounts of marketing cash into a show set to feature big booths, garishly-attired 'booth babes' and loads of new videogames.

The speculation as to what Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have up their respective sleeves has been raging online for months and it reaches fever pitch in the weeks running up to the event.

And while PRs, journos and publishing execs start to plan what to pack for their trip to La La Land, the Entertainment Software Association - the organizers of the show – have just stoked up the excitement levels by publishing the show floor plans.

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Calcio3472d ago

Chicken Chaser - you see this is the way things work. A person (let's call them a 'journalist') takes a piece of information and turns it into a story.

A site saying 'here's the floor plan' is not an original source when the floorplan is published on E3's website.

However, a journalist using that information to make a story is then putting a new spin on what is simply a floorplan.

In other words: get a grip.

anh_duong3472d ago

boothchicks maybe worth commenting but floor plan.. jeez don't journos have anything worth talking about?

50CALheadshot3472d ago

more sony booths, more sony chicks

Mr Microsoft3472d ago

I notice where the Square Enix booth is! Right by their owners... MS!! :-)

Shadow Flare3472d ago

Is microsoft's booth next to the repair booth, just in case their console breaks during a presentation again?

WhittO3472d ago

Ye, they were last year too werent they?

Also, people forget after the press conference, it will be the booths that stick in people's mind, after the big announcements (MS will prob announce another 3rd party exclusive/stolen that will shock everyone), Sony will definitely win the booths, they just have SO many games to play there, that is where it will be shown they are the true winner. One stolen game will be realised not to make a difference among all of those games.

My guess this E3 is MS will show Assassins Creed 2 footage with some exclusive content and MW2 footage with some exclusive content.

While Sony will focus on all of their exclusives like Rachet&Clank/GOW3/UNCHARTE D2...the list goes on.

Aquanox3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

It's always been this way. Sony has 3 platforms to support whereas MS only focus on Xbox 360 and some bits of PC.

Forrest Gump3472d ago

True,Microsoft only have 1 console out there whereas Sony have 3.

It's no surprise Sony would have a bigger booth.

xwabbit3472d ago

If a 360 got the e74 error during the MS presentation, I think they would shoot them self's

edhe3472d ago

What makes you think the person that wrote this article was a journalist ?

gaffyh3472d ago

Sony's booth is always the biggest at E3 I think

s8anicslayer3472d ago

this e3 is going to be big for sony! I can't wait

I did not murder him3471d ago

I seen these floor plans lastnight in another post that vanished, the south hall is bigger and scaled down to half the size of the west hal in these floor plans. The cafe's are the best way to see this. SE and EA FTW

I did not murder him3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

The West hall's shape allows for the floor plan map to be twice as big in scale

The South hall is scaled down by half because of its size and shape made this way to fit in allowed space on the site of origin.

Just look at the Cafe or the writing stating the names of the boths.

I knew I would see stories based on this but not so fast though.

typikal823471d ago

sony right next to capcom, COME ON MONSTER HUNTER PS3!!!!!

menoyou3471d ago

I don't see the problem. At least it's news. Where are you when all the articles saying "LOL WHY THIS GAME IS OVERRATED" or "WHY I THINK THIS CONSOLE WILL LOSE" which are all opinion pieces. This is the crud you should be complaining about.

Anyway, this is great news. I really hope Sony has some groundbreaking announcements. Especially because we all know Microsoft's biggest announcement will be stealing a PS3 exclusive, which is lame IMO but it will still cause a commotion and give Microsoft lots of attention so Sony needs to counter this.

SnuggleBandit3471d ago

you ever think i did not murder him is really why dis...haven't seen him in a while and they are both delusional idiots

velaxun3471d ago

I did not muderder him = Why Dis= POG they're one and the same.

ArmrdChaos3471d ago

So my white nondescript rectangle is bigger than yours...Ha Ha!!!

People really need to get a grip. If I ever decide to go back and get a Psych degree I think I will use this site as my thesis material...a wealth of psychosis and overcompensation to be had.

I did not murder him3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

So you posted before you knew what the topic was?

Whats even more Pathetic is the rabid kids in here attacking because I provided something that proves this news post is a waste and is spam.

This news post and all the retarded kids personally attacking people is based from a twisted story written from this info.

Calling out this story and some how offending the kids on this site is not my problem. Again refusing to comprehend my point or not refusing ;) isn't my problem. man these idiot kids in denial. z-hayden velaxun relax kids.

velaxun3471d ago

what offends me is that you went from 3 bubbles back up to 4, and my 3 new disagrees that equal the hypothesized amount of accounts you have. When will you leave?

SnuggleBandit3471d ago

@ i did not murder him

are you kidding me? you spew nothing but hate for the ps3 and come to every story pertaining to the ps3 story saying complete and utter nonsense that usually has nothing to do with the article.

I did not murder him3471d ago

What are the odds both of you trolling the same room at the same time with the same obsession of attacking me in the same style LMAO.

The news post is rubbish based on a forced/reaching understanding of what they seen.

ArmrdChaos3471d ago

I personally can care less about the article and it's accurate or inaccurate nature. My comments are directed to pathetic fact that there are people in this forum wasting their time even arguing about this. This is one of the reasons why I seldom post anything...except for a good laugh every once in a while...such as now.

SnuggleBandit3471d ago

Whatever dude i don't really care...your arguements are weak and far, far from rational and you are probably just trying to get a rise out of people which you succeed at doing so whatever...and btw what is nasim?

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-MD-3472d ago

What a stupid article.

zoydwheeler3472d ago

It draws our attention to the E3 floor plans - so we can all get excited and argue the toss about what we hope/pray to see at the show next month.

I for one am glad to see E3 back to its former glory.

-MD-3472d ago

Because there are no "booth wars" I've never heard of that in my life and both Sony and Microsoft have 2 booths each in fact Microsoft has a slightly larger one than Sony does.

Again this article is stupid.

Calcio3472d ago

Murderdolls - is that a bee in your bonnet or are you just grumpy all the time?
Essentially the size of people's booths is an indicator of how much they are willing to spend to push their goods.
Also - it's a bit of fun.
lighten up.

Critical_Hit3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

From the floor plans it does look like the Sony brand has a lot more booths.

TOO PAWNED3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )


actually there has been (always) "battle of the booths"

-MD-3472d ago

I need some new boots to win this then.

TOO PAWNED3472d ago

For sure, but you won't have problem finding them on this site

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leeger3472d ago

omg MS, SE and Konami are on the same hall, FFvs13 and MGS5 confirmed 360 exclusive!
hehehe sorry can't help it.

Xbots play games3472d ago they show the sony side with a huge close-up and say they have more space..and shrink gthe Microsoft side and say they lost the battle of the booths??

Sign #3,506 that the internet is killing gaming journalism

Either way..can't wait for the show..

-MD-3472d ago

I see 2 booths for Sony and 2 booths for Microsoft... some fanboy is trying his hardest to make Sony look good.

Cheeseknight283472d ago

Yeah, apparently the fact that Sony has 3 current systems to show and Microsoft is only showcasing one is irrelevant. Obviously the company with more systems will have more floor space.

mxdan3471d ago

Their booth is about a third larger than microsofts, but keep in mind that Sony will be showcasing the psp too. As far as the ps2 goes, the space for the ps2 will be so small that it will be irrelivant. But at least sony still supports their previous system.... Which reminds me why I hate Microsoft so much... lol.
f you buy into Microsoft you are supporting a company willing to buy out smaller companies with better ideas and tech in order to keep their monopoly. And what do they do with that supperior tech? They dispose of it. Thats right your buying into a company willing to stunt the growth of technology in order to maintain economic dominance.

But I'm done with my rant.

E743471d ago

some fanboy is trying their hardest to make sony look bad

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maspi3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

big stands for Sony and stand is much more little.seems that ms has not put so much effort in this E3 like Sony.however will see for the make the true winner.only one thing is clear: Sony and Nintendo still are the business pullers of the entire gaming industry.

-MD-3472d ago

They have the same size booths take a closer look.

volcane3472d ago

Doesn't look much smaller to me if you scale it.