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Shane Kim3374d ago

At last something new about this game. Looks awesome.

yencid3374d ago

some news on this game.

MiloGarret3374d ago

That is exactly what I was going to say, give us this game!

UJUSTLOSTONE3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Hey, IGN has a 9 minute walkthrough you guys need to check out as well, This game looks like it will be very good indeed.

at least to ME it does !


Mizz_mai3374d ago

Looks like a fake god of war.......he even grunts like still looks good though maybe thats a testament to how goos god of war is........ooooops scratch that ninja

Mizz_mai3374d ago

i can agree i wanna see more horse sections but it is biting god of war he even grunts like kratos lol

mcgrawgamer3374d ago

but even if it was is that a bad thing? Kratos; God of War greek mythos. War; biblical mythos' besides the devs themselves have said the game takes more elements from zelda than GOW or DMC.

yencid3374d ago

between zelda, GOW AND DMC....

if that isnt epic i dont know what is.

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