FUEL multiplayer trailer

Codemasters show off FUEL' multiplayer in this new trailer.

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360isgreat3470d ago

But none the less 59.99 heck no.

LukaX233470d ago

From the looks of it, this game could be everything MotorStorm should have been.

Wolfie3470d ago

it looks awesome, wow

ASSASSYN 36o3470d ago

Can't wait for next week!

Dead_Cell3470d ago

Motorstorm WAS everything it should have been.
fast,frantic edge of your seat sprint to the finish.
Whilst this looks alright,I don't think it can hold a candle to Motorstorm.

bullswar3470d ago

Dead Cell ... I think all your Brain cells have finally died and last fuse has also been burst into black smoke.

I have Motorstorm ... first of all this game is 14000 sqkm open world game ... second game graphics are far much better then motorstorm ... third its a combination of games such as PURE, Dirk Bike, ATV Roadfury and so many more ... all gameplays of specific genre have been brought into one game ... fifth 40km view distance of open world, now commmmmmooooonnnnnnn you must be $hitting me, if you still think motorstorm is better.

Oh wait ... my bad ... all your cells are dead. Who am I trying to reason with. loollllllll

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