More cache for AMD, ATI, nVidia, ARM?

BSN: "In order to win semiconductor manufacturing contracts, you don't need to have just the best or the most affordable tools in the business, but also feature a number of technologies that differ you from the competition.

GlobalFoundries issued a joint- press release with T-RAM Semiconductor, inventor of the Thyristor-RAM embedded memory tech. Starting with 32nm process and below [both SOI and bulk silicon], GlobalFoundries can offer T-RAM to all of its customers. According to the inventor of T-RAM technology, T-RAM claims to be more efficient than eDRAM or 6T-SRAM.

Thyristor-RAM technology differs from traditional FET-based memory such as eDRAM or SRAM is the fact that the T-RAM memory is a NDR-based RAM Cell. Given the development on the cache space in both CPU and GPU fields, a viable answer to the store [caching] operations inside the modern processors is more than welcomed. The only requirement for T-RAM deployment is a high-end manufacturing process, hence the announcement of partnering up with GlobalFoundries."

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Kakkoii3444d ago

Mmmm, I love me sum cache!