Diehard GameFAN: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (PS3) Review

Sacred 2 has almost everything a gamer could want from an action RPG. It boasts a solid engine with gameplay that works far better than you could ever imagine a PC to PS3 port being capable of. It has beautiful graphics and a great soundtrack. Monsters are entertaining in both design and voice acting. Multiplayer mode is well done and adds more to the game that mere words can express. The only true negative quality is that the plot is pabulum at best and that the game is too long save for even the most ardent of dungeon hackers. Still, the amount of content you get is amazing, even with the $60 price tag, so if you have room on your hard drive (Say, five gigs) to spare, Sacred is well worth the cost and time investment as long as you can live with a constant feeling of, "Didn't I already do this in Game XYZ?"

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