MotorStorm Pacific Rift "Looking Good!" Photo Competition - And the winners are…

VIP.MotorStorm: "A huge "thank you" to everyone who submitted their best pictures snapped in MotorStorm Pacific Rift using the new and improved Photo Mode - we received hundreds of fantastic entries from all across the world, and narrowing them down to 40 was not an easy task!"

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- Ghost of Sparta -3133d ago

Two of my photos were selected woot woot.

nix3133d ago

congrates mate! ((:

Downtown boogey3132d ago

I never knew about this! I have some freaking crazy photos!
I had a monster truck bouncing off 100 meter in the air on the highest spot on Caldera Ridge.
Add "Noobli" on your friends list and I'll send it to you

Nambassa3132d ago

AAAAAAGGGHHHH!!! me either i have loads of gr8 photos i took!! theres one i took from the side of a long trail of cars jumping over a ramp against the sunset and they're silhouettes!! i woulda won with that 1!!! lmao

Nambassa3132d ago

AAAaaaAAAGGHHHHH!! the pic from human_scum looks just like mine!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! FFS!

btw congrats Ghost of Sparta

talltony3132d ago

really underrated! I'm still playing it trying to get gold on everything.

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xg-ei8ht3133d ago

Damm i didn't know there was a comp.

Got some good pics as well:0

Either way congrats ghost.

stevenhiggster3132d ago

Me niether, I've got some pretty sweet pics too. Most of them winners are sweeter than mine though :-)

Dead_Cell3132d ago

Didn't know there was a competition.
Had an epic photo of a bike drifting across the path of a monster truck at a crossroads as well.

remanutd553132d ago

i won !!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally im gonna have a motorstorm tshirt , LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

remanutd553132d ago

thanks leonskennedy4life and yes to me its an EPIC WIN , you see im a HUGE Motorstorm fan , i even wrote to evo to let them know that i wanted to get a motorstorm tshirt dont care how much i was gonna pay , just wanted to have it and now i finally have the opportunity to get it for free yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Motorstorm is one of the new ips that i love the most from sony this generation , i cant wait to get new tracks for Pacific Rift and Motorstorm Arctic Edge for my psp lol

Gambit073132d ago

You have the Platinum yet dude?

Kinetix3132d ago

Uggh, I want this game so bad but I'm so backed up it's not even funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.