Daisy Fuentes is on my Wii

Model/actress/MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes is starring in her very own game for the Nintendo Wii, a game which uses the Balance Board in addition to the normal motion controls. What's it all about?

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Twizlex3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Too bad the name of the game wasn't as creative. Not that it really needs to be.

Vault Boy3232d ago

What a disappointment. I was hoping it would be like Wii Sex or something.

Cookigaki3232d ago

Unless game features hot pictures like that, Cookigaki will not bother. Cookigaki can exercise to better things.

Cookigaki3232d ago

Congratulation on figuring out Cookigaki subtext. You so very smart.

qface643232d ago

hmm all of a sudden i feel like using google now

Twizlex3231d ago

You mean you didn't know who Daisy Fuentes was? You must be young.

qface643231d ago

no that's not it just for some reason i always remembered her differently then again haven't seen her in a while

Twizlex3231d ago

Yeah, she's apparently like a god in the Pilates world now.

qface643231d ago

really not a bad thing from what im seeing its getting the job done =]

Shane Kim3231d ago

She was so damn hot during the AFV era. Damn I hope she can bend over nicely so I can justify a Wii purchase.

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Bolts3231d ago

Isn't Daisy Fuentes an old 40 year old hag by now? Once upon a time she was a hot MTV VJ but that was back when MTV was still playing music videos.

Vault Boy3231d ago

Pfft, you'd be more than happy if your girl looked that good at 40.

dredgewalker3231d ago

Hmmmm i wish she was on my Wii and then she can try that balancing all night long....