PSX Extreme: Hannah Montana: The Movie Review

PSX Extreme writes: "This whole Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus thing has to wear off at some point, right? Haven't the young girls had their fill? Aren't they prepared to move on to the next pop idol? They all come out of the same cookie-cutter mold that is held under heavy armed guard in a vault somewhere beneath the city of Los Angeles; why not just pump out another one? Well, if the fans aren't yet convinced that it's time to put Montana Mania in the past, this game will go a long way towards proving the inevitable point. Last year's Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour was barely playable (even if it might be semi-entertaining for those 9-year-old fanatics), and this year's game based on the recently released film is even worse."

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Forrest Gump3495d ago

Should've been a Wii exclusive