Portable Gamer Review | Resident Evil: Degeneration (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Vanessa from The Portable Gamer takes the undead out for a spin in this new (and previously under the radar) iPhone game from Capcom.

Will the zombie horde overwhelm you?

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supercharger51503472d ago

I don't know... I just don't see any reason to play an RE game on iPhone especially if you have a console. When I want some quick fun while waiting I do not think oh hey, Resident Evil. I think Peggle! lol

Kamikaze1353472d ago

Maybe because it's cheap and you can play it just about anywhere? This game is like a portable sequel to RE4 (which it is since it takes place between RE4 and RE5). I loved RE4, so this game is something cool to own and play during my daily commute.

themyk3472d ago

i thought the mgs game for iphone was cool.

Spolodaface3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Looks like at least a half-decent game. Quite ambitious for what was probably a small developer given the big frachise name.

iPhone = DS Killer?

SpoonyRedMage3472d ago

haha, no.

If the DS is at risk then the PSP definately is, especially considering the PSP used multimedia functions as a crutch.

themyk3472d ago

considering i've been using facemelter on my iphone for quite some time now. and thats the thing thats all over the new nintendo commercials about changing peoples faces. i think the iphone is the sweetest little handheld awesomeness i've had. i use it for everything.