Tech Olive: Tunnel Rats Review (PC)

Tim Hage from Tech Olive writes: "I'm sure that almost none of you have ever heard of Tunnel Rats (Formerly titled 1968 Tunnel Rats), but I have actually been paying attention to this game for several months now. Truth be told, I was assured by the mind behind the game (Mr. Uwe Boll himself) that I would receive an early review copy. Well, I didn't. So, already starting on the wrong foot, let's see how the game is….."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3470d ago

Another smash hit from Uwe Boll.

Polluted3469d ago

I'm going to add two points to that score since everyone loves to hate on Bolle so much. Hmmm...that's still a bad score. Ouch.

Gambit073469d ago

Guys brace yourself, according to imdb, sir Boll has 9, yes freakin'9 movies he's directing between now and 2010.

Polluted3469d ago

Oh dear.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm a fan of his movies because the few that I've seen ranged from cheesy to down right awful, but I've kind of grown fond of Uwe himself. He just seems like he'd be a fun guy to hang out with. He does what he loves to do, he curses like a sailor and doesn't take any sh!t from anyone, you know? Remember when he challenged Micheal Bay to a fight? That was awesome.