First Person Shooter Title In Production For Dreamcast

CriousGamer Writes...Good news for Dreamcast fans as you all will have a new reason to go back in your old days due to a homebrew title that is on its way onto PC & Dreamcast.

It's a First Person Shooter called Hypertension developed by TDGMods

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Maxned3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )


Edit: If I was a Ps3 fanboy, Id have 10 bubbles. Suck my balls dude.

Steve0073495d ago

LOL i had to load the page once more just to see your comment COOL. :P grow some bubbles pal.

Kurylo3d3494d ago

yea for real n4g is a ps3 fanboy heaven lol... they own this site, disagree and u cant speak.. your words hurt them too much cause the truth is spoken.

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oh no you didnt i'll give you a bubble for keeping it real man...

Elven63495d ago

What a undetailed post, for those interested here is more info:

Back on topic, this is why I love independent developers!

LightofDarkness3494d ago

Aye, I've been gagging for a good old-school shooter recently. Although I'm quite sure Monolith would have something to say if they don't replace those Blood assets.