APB exclusive screenshot and E3 Confirmation

Well the long wait is over, here, courtesy of Ulric, is a little gift for the community;

"Hi everyone at APB-Evolved, we just wanted to quickly say thanks for all your patience recently whilst we've been quietly pushing forward with the development of APB.

We know this can be frustrating for fans, so to show our appreciation we have decided to inform you guys that yes we WILL be at E3 this year and this will mark the start of lots more news, activities and information coming out about APB: All Points Bulletin.

Here is a brand new screenshot made especially for you guys to give you another look at the awesome character customizations that will make up a large part of APB.

See you all at E3.

Realtime Worlds"

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Green Lantern23444d ago

I guess Gamefork was right APB is going to be at E3.

Unicron3444d ago

Tomorrow, the sun will rise.

UnSelf3444d ago

Realtime worlds needs to hurry up wit this game so they can start working on Crackdown 2 already

xwabbit3444d ago

I dk Unicron, maybe... just MAYBE.

morganfell3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Exactly Unicron. That isn't a huge leap for Gamefork and his fake twitter account to surmise something that a hundred other people have already postulated.

Tito Jackson3444d ago

I really liked Saints Row 1 & 2, so this will be a step in the right direction for me. I hope the character editor is as good, or better as the one in SR2.

Pandemic3443d ago

I hope the system requirements aren't too high..

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Green Lantern23444d ago

Real Time Studios need to hurry up with the pc version so they can get to work on the 360 version.

cherrypie3444d ago

You've got to be joking.

MS has said they will not be talking about Games for Windows at E3 as it is "Console Centric".

What on _EARTH_ do you think APB will be doing there? Going alone, talking about the PC version and basically ruining their Xbox 360 launch?

Write this down: APB on Xbox 360 this year. Simultaneous (or very nearly) releases.

TheBand1t3444d ago

PC version first, then possible 360/PS3 release.

At least according to the devs. Also, no need to be rude, cherry.

free2game3653444d ago

Cherry, Crackdown isn't being published by Microsoft, they have absolutely no say in it being developed, released, or promoted. E3 isn't a console centric show. Micrsoft just stopped supporting PC gaming. There's a difference.

Disccordia3444d ago

Yep, it's PC first and then PS3/360 "would be considered sometime after"

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Element9263444d ago

Excellent, can't wait for more news at E3!

Ldubbz3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

This one hasnt really been on my radar, but I have been getting more and more interested. Just got my e3 badge in the mail.

C'mon June!!!

sak5003444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

wrong place oops

deadreckoning6663444d ago

I really thought Sony was gunna win E3, but APB is gunna tip the scales for Microsoft. GODDAMIT!!!

3444d ago
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Traveler3444d ago

Well, your comment was stupid and I'll tell you why. We don't know enough about APB to even know if it is going to be a good game, so how ignorant do you have to be to claim that it is going to tip the scales in Microsoft's favor?

I own both consoles as well and I don't care which consoles you own, your comment was a trollish fanboy comment. It was made purely to incite and the lack of maturity in your second comment proves that.

Everybody is going to have different opinions about which console maker had a better showing at E3 anyway, so it's kind of pointless.

Personally, I know that Sony and Microsoft will have some stuff that interests me at E3 and that's all I care about.

sak5003444d ago


LOL did he PM you his PSN ID yet? i doubt it, the hardcore fanboys here dont own any consoles since they spend most of their daylight times trolling n4g.

On TOpic: I guess MS is hiding quite a few tricks up its sleeves, i want another Tattoo show Peter Moore where are you? :D

shazui1233444d ago

Erm its not a 360 exclusive, theyre working on pc version first nd "probably" then a 360 and ps3 release. In any cse its on pc as well, that doesnt count as an exclusive

RememberThe3573444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Just becasue you own both consoles, that doesn't make you a real gamer.

APB hasn't shown anything that would tip the scales in any direction. I can understand how Ghost would assume you to be a fanboy because your claim of APB putting MS over the edge is baseless.

If you are exited for APB because of Crackdown, then thats fine, let your mind run wild. But to assume that this brand new IP is going to raise MS above Sony is like saying MAG is going to raise Sony over MS. It doesn't hold ground.

Sh*t, we know more about MAG then we do about APB, and we still don't have enough info to claim that it will push Sony to E3 dominance.

EDIT: Well, that was a waist. I basically said what Traveler said...

EDIT 2: @kaveti: You want this guys home address because he annoys you on a videogame website? I'm actually surprised your short fuse hasn't got your cap pealed already. It's people with this "I want to go kick this guys ass because he looked at me funny" mentality that end up with a shotty to the face. What makes you think that if you got to his house, he would straight mop you up? Your obvious threats are truly ridiculous and unwarranted. You have issues that you need to be worked out and they don't need to be worked out here. It sounds to me that your unbalanced ass is the one that need to go...

On that note, go do some Ti Chi, some breathing exercises or some sh*t. Goosfraba.

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Christopher3444d ago

It's a PC game for now. They'll consider other platforms once they have the PC version released.

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