IGN: Hero Showdown: Hulk vs. Kratos

That's right, IGN fans. Today's Hero Showdown pulls together two of the angriest warriors of them all – Hulk and Kratos. One is a classic Marvel hero who smashes anything and everything in his path (save for box office records). The other is a videogame icon who has made it his unending mission to overthrow the mighty gods of Olympus. When these two heroes roar, anyone with smarts gets the hell out of the way.

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Spike473471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

With the Hulk, you have to get him mad for him to turn into the Hulk, with Kratos, he would probably kill you if you stared too much at his epic blades of chaos.

A better comparison would be Thor Vs. Kratos. That would be awesome, although it would make no sense in terms of mythology.

chrisnick3471d ago

bcuz...well...he's kratos.

CaseyRyback_CPO3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

hulk kills... tanks?

gta28003471d ago

As the god of war, Kratos wins without a doubt. As a Mortal, Kratos can fight him with just the blades of Athena if he wants to. But to finish the fight quickly all he needs is the Blade of Olympus, which he currently holds.

socomnick3471d ago

Hulk kills planets, he cracks earth in half during world war hulk. Hulk cant die and has limitless power, he would win.

Tony P3471d ago

Who wins between Hulk and Kratos? Same answer to every showdown: depends who you like most.

talltony3471d ago

they have been playing so much prototype lately that it reminded them of the hulk!...oh and Kratos for the win!

GameGambits3471d ago

My dad can beat up your dad.

Narutone663471d ago

There was an animation wherein Hulk was pitted against Thor. Hulk won in that episode. Another is Hulk vs Wolverine. These two animations in the making was in the PSN under media. It's available for download for free.
On topic:
Kratos would kill Bruce first before he could become the Hulk. If Bruce is already the Hulk, it's hard to tell.

Ilikegames763471d ago

beaten by Hulk. If I remember right, Wolverine passed out from his first fight with the Hulk. Hulk definitely got an edge there.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3471d ago

Chuck Norris would win anyway

staub913471d ago

Kratos... Easy he is a god killer.

But the real question is

Kratos or Bruce Lee?

UnSelf3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

This has got to be the very first (and prolly) last time i eva agreed wit Socomnick. Look i understand how badass Kratos is. I have every God of War and its my fav action game of all time even betta then Sigma.

But u playstation fans are letting ya blind alligance misguide ya.

This is the HULK. And to those below WWH IS canon. The Hulk BRUTALIZED: Black Bolt. Ripped Wolverine in half........yes in half, he ripped adamantium in half. Like someone said a more reasonable fight is Kratos vs. Thor. Now i kno the onslaught of disagrees is coming but this is the Hulk here. He left a path of destruction in the Earth that can be seen from space. Lets get real. Kratos had trouble with that invisible guy in GOW2. Hulk would pluck that f*ck into modern times.

Cmon please ppl we're all fans of characters. Just cuz u like a game be logical. Like i said i love Kratos, but this is the f*cking Hulk. All of Marvel couldnt stop him and even the Sentry had problems, btw the Sentry can stop hurricanes. Can Kratos do that? I mean Kratos dies when he falls into a pit or sumthing.

The real question should be who would win: The Hulk vs All of the Titans from the GOW series.

EDIT: Now that i think about it THE HULK BEAT GHOST RIDER!!

Matta of fact thats a better match up Kratos vs Ghost Rider and Hulk vs. Titans

evrfighter3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

The Incredible Hulks most Amazing Feats

1) Holding up a mountain in Secret Wars
2) Lifting and moving the Blob whom can increase his center of gravity
3) Breaking Superman's grip and throwing him into space
4) Smashed an asteroid twice the size of the Earth with a single punch
5) Survived nova burst from the Human Torch
6) Ate Galactus and gained his cosmic power
7) Reflecting Gladiator's eye beam back into his eyes, which was describe as being hotter than the center of the sun
8) Supports the weight of continents during Tectonic shifts
9) Outlives all other life on earth
10) Ripped Wolverine in half

I read this in another forum and bookmarked it because it was a good read. At the time I didn't know much about Hulk's abilities and wouldn't have guessed him to be so bada$$

ps3d03471d ago

Bruce Banner actually figure out a way to keep his intelligence as the Hulk for a time. Making the Hulk the strongest and smartest person in marvel. His IQ is so high that it cant be measured. So it makes a difference on what Hulk you are talking about.

Red Hulk also is far from being mindless. He has almost all of green hulks powers but instead of getting stronger as he gets anger he emmits heat.

Also Hulk actually kills wolverine once when he broke his back cause the admantium to cut through his spiral and kill him instantly.

Naucious3471d ago

everyone says hulk does these amazing things and what not but in my opinion it all depends...

Hulk surviving an atomic blast? ok, but I dont see him actually creating an atomic blast himself either.... Holding continents over his head?? and let me ask just how he was able to put himself in the center of gravity of the continent he was holding over his head???

Of course this is all fairy tale and i guess we have to use our imagination but even if he beat thor it doesnt say that he killed him which is something that Kratos has done, Killed a god..... and almost killed Zeus the "GOD of ALL GODS"

From what ive seen from Hulk he likes to pummel things with his rage, Kratos seems to be the clever fighter as you can see when playing the game you cant just rely on strength when taking down titans and gods, Kratos use his smarts and wits and destroyed them by attacking their weaknesses, such as their "Eyes" or taking their power completely from them wether it be a weapon or magic.....

Thinking about it now what about the medusa head that he carrys he will just turn hulk to stone and its gameover lol or rip out hulks eyes which he's been known to do lol....

Bottom line even if hulk kills Kratos its not like kratos hasnt died before he will just come back from hades with more rage lol I dont hear hulk coming back from death now do we.... and if he's so indestructible and withstand so much pain?? wouldnt that make him a god?? But yet they call him mortal?? So that tells me that even the mighty hulk can fall as well...

point im getting at is theres not enough depth to tell us what the limit of kratos were only going based off of 2 games while others are going off of over 25 years of comic books of the hulk.

Never said hulk couldnt win but people shouldnt take Kratos too likely either as it was proven he's killed 2 Gods already (1 by accident lol sorry for the spoiler for those who havent played the game lol)and is now trying to exterminate the remaining gods, Keyword remaining gods more than one lol

UltraNova3471d ago

is to initiate a quick time event on Hulk! tap x, circle,circle, square and triangle and Hulk will end up with his head and eyeballs shoved up his enormous gamma radiated ass! :p:p

People this guy fought Zeus ( and walked alive ) and this time around he will kill him! If you do not grasp who the God of Gods is then you should definably learn your mythology!

BTW if Sony had Kratos star on some spin offs do you think they would let him get beaten? Of course not! Same goes for marvel and what they had HULK do with Thor and wolverine.

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Bathyj3471d ago

Kratos would tear the Hulk asunder.

I know thats fairly obvious, but you dont get to use the word asunder very often.

Big K is the very definition of Badassed. Trained to kill from birth, fearless and has fought and killed the very Gods.

The Hulk is just like a strong 5 year old having a tanty.

Bathyj3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Be that as it may, a tanty none the less, unfocussed and undisciplined.

Its like saying could Steve Balmer beat Kratos.

Dude, you're getting low on bubbles. I will help you because you're a good poster and I remember my .357 S&W 6" Barrel.

RememberThe3573471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

But unfortunately bubbles hate me. I got up to six once though. Then I said something stupid and got knocked down to 4. I've been hanging around 5 since then.

Oh, I can remember the days. It seems so long ago. The freedom to say just one more thing. Just one more smart ass comment to mock my opponent. It was a simpler time then, back when my jaw still dropped every time I turned on my PS3 because that symphony sound is so damn cool. Back when Metal Gear Solid 4 had just arrived and I cried even before I pressed the start bottom. Back when I had beat Mass Effect for the gagilianth time. Back when I had 6 bubbles...

UltraNova3471d ago

'Back when Metal Gear Solid 4 had just arrived and I cried even before I pressed the start bottom'


And I thought I was the only one!!! Seriously man when I got the game day one I was already 'pre-conditioned' (if theres such a word :p) for a major cry session. Not to mention Big Boss death on MGS3! lol

Those games defined gaming...oohh the days...

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Aclay3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Kratos has powers of the Greek Gods bestowed upon him, there's no way in hell the primitive Caveman-like Hulk could compete with that in a fight.

Forrest Gump3471d ago

Oddly reminds me of Ps3 Vs 360