Star Wars: The Old Republic - The Mandalorian Blockade Video

Bioware published a new video from Star Wars: The Old Republic featuring the Mandalorian Blockade.

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Supercalifragili3468d ago

The more I know about this game more I like him.

Shepherd 2143468d ago

this game will be stupid

This is supposed to be a single player RPG called Knights of the Old Republic 3, but instead EA decides they'd make more money by making an MMO out of the series. Greeeaaaaaat, how wonderful...

Panthers3468d ago

It looks great. It might be the first MMO that I play.

TheAntiFanboy3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

BioWare's wanted to do an MMO for years and years. Now that they have the publishing power of EA, they can actually try and do what they've always wanted to do.

EA has been embracing riskier, more artistic endeavors lately (see: Mirror's Edge, Dead Space), so it's far too early to assume that this is just a cash-in on KOTOR's success. Of course, it's big business, so obviously there's gonna be something in it for EA, and obviously they see opportunity where there's plenty. Financially, this is an incredibly smart move. But don't doubt the potential for greatness either; BioWare's consistently created nothing short of amazing for the last decade.

Besides, the game takes place like 300 years after KOTOR 2. Most likely they left all that space open between KOTOR 2 and TOR so they could make KOTOR 3.

I seriously doubt they're gonna write Revan and the Exile out of lore like this. Have faith in the Force.

freeman293468d ago

This game is progressing allot :).

Mandaspt3468d ago

Yup, this could be the best MMO for PC in years.

diefor3468d ago

Fantastic. I like the environment.

cayal3468d ago

I wish they would start on KOTOR3.

Hooby3468d ago

word, I want to know what happened to all the friends you leave behind in kotor 1 and 2. It's sad they just abandon them.

ScorpionX993468d ago

As they said in the other video's and interviews, this is supposed to me KOTOR 3,4,5,6,7
They said there is going to be so much story that it would take those games.

I would assume this is after KOTOR 2. I cant remember if one of the videos said it takes place before or not. (have to watch it again.)
But if it's for sure after KOTOR 2 i'm sure we'll see some of the same characters.

Tony P3468d ago

Maybe we'll get it, maybe not. One thing Blizz did that annoyed me was put out WoW (a great MMO) then forget about everything else for 6 years. Bioware isn't like that. They're still working on ME2, ME3, Dragon Age, and "another unannounced next generation game".

And let's not forget that TOR takes place about 300 years after KOTOR so they're definitely leaving the door open. I just hope they decide to DO SOMETHING with the opportunity one day.

TheAntiFanboy3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

It takes place a few centuries after KOTOR 2. Thus, obviously, it won't feature the same characters unless they live to be that old.

Most likely though, they did that on purpose just so they CAN release KOTOR 3 and continue the story of Revan or the Exile later.

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