DLC Royal Rumble - PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs Wii

Tom Orry -

The console war is fought everywhere these days, but the internet seems to be where people are most vocal. It also serves to give each console its own set of downloadable content, fuelling the war even more. Each week we'll give you a run-down of what's available to download on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, and declare a winner.

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GiantEnemyCrab3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

I gotta disagree here. PSN won it this week hands down. A FULL FREE game like Ragdoll Kung-Fu, Free Home clothes and a free Home space.

That beats a bunch of pay-for retro stuff any day for me.

EDIT: Nevermind.. See my comment below.

Persistantthug3417d ago

In the UK, they probably haven't even heard of SPRINT out there.

Sprint is the one who was behind the free Ragdoll Kung Fu game.

I'm not sure if the UK got the the free Home stuff either.

GiantEnemyCrab3417d ago

I didn't get the imply but I see that it is clearly on the page.

"Note: This round-up is based on UK releases to each console's online service and does not include premium video content. Releases outside of the UK could vary."

That explains why it is the way it is. Thanks for the reply, I'm off to get my eyes checked.

chrisnick3417d ago

who cares? Give me a full blown game!!!!