New Ninja Gaiden Sigma Screenshots

Here are some new screenshots for Ninja Gaiden Sigma coming to the Playstation3 this June (demo in April).

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wildcat3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

I still have a problem with the girl though, I mean why can't they just give her a sword. I hate playing with long staff-like weapons, they always feel too stiff.

Siesser3855d ago

I guess they just wanted her character to feel different. Apparantly, a large number of her moves are countering, hooking, and sweeping moves, so the longer weapon is necessary for that.

truebego3855d ago

this for real right?

techie3855d ago

it's for real. Go to ign and watch some HD vids :)

Athlon3855d ago

Awesome doesn't begin to describe this game. The in-game footage looks CG!