Playing LotR: Online Gives You Cancer

Negative Gamer writes:

Definitely. No two ways about it I'm afraid. If you bought the collectors edition of the MMO based on Tolkien's epic adventure you WILL get cancer (or lose any chance of ever having children).

It seems that the Dark Lord Sauron has teamed up with developers Turbine to bring pain and suffering to the peoples of Middle Earth.

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wardrox3171d ago

So that's why I can't have kids...

JoySticksFTW3171d ago

"WTF?! I got the Collector's edition of LotR: Online! Nooooooo!" :O

jay23171d ago

It all makes sence now!

Gun_Senshi3171d ago

Compains do that to protect themselfs, espically in US Territory.

Why do you think in a packet of Peanuts there are warning "May contain Traces of Nuts" and Instructions "Open, Eat"

Do I need to remember about the Case of an elder woman microwaved her pet (to dry it), and sued microwave company because there was no warning "Do not put in pets"

What about the burglar that got locked in a garage and sued the company that made the garage for not having instructions on how to open?

Create3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

oh well, the risks still dont outweigh the rewards

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