Impulse Gamer: Eve Online: Apocrypha Review

If the thought of endless PvP opportunities sounds like fun, then EvE might be for you. If exploration and carving your own name into a real living and breathing galaxy sounds like something you could work for (and you'll have to work hard for it), then EvE might be for you. BUT, if undocking and getting ganked by someone who declared war on your corporation sounds annoying, then perhaps EvE is not. If the harsh reality that you just lost your multi-million ISK ship and you could not possibly replace it any time soon sounds too vicious, then perhaps EvE is not for you. If you then get podded to find you haven't updated your clone and you've just lost who-knows-how-many skill points and are likely to rage, then EvE might be for you, but for the love of God, stay on your toes!

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