New Knights in the Nightmare tutorial video

Gamer Limit writes: "Atlus has developed a wonderful rapport with the gaming community. The spoils system (packaging extras into games), and the large amount of community interaction have created quite the bond between the publisher and the general public. I'd even make the contention that Atlus is the modern-day Working Designs.

Their latest effort, Knights in the Nightmare, is shaping up to look as unique as advertised, and luckily, this series of videos will help you understand how to play the game if you're completely new to the genre."

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Fullish3468d ago

Tutorial videos are so exciting! ...

Dimly3467d ago

Hey I get to learn how to play a game I don't even have. Awesome!

fatstarr3466d ago

with my bestbuy reward zone coupons :D

it should hold me over till, blood of the bahamut comes out.