inFAMOUS Hitting the Big Screen this Friday

PlayStation Blog: So with only 8 days left until inFAMOUS hits the stores, I wanted to share with you some quick updates.

Sucker Punch have created a 4-part comic that chronicles the days following that fateful blast that changed Cole's life forever. Part 1 of 4 is already out, check IGN for the final parts when they're released.

Now if any of you are planning to watch Terminator Salvation this weekend, be on the lookout for the inFAMOUS 30-sec commercial that will be running in theaters nationwide from May 22nd to May 28th.

Not long to wait now…but just a reminder that you can get your hands on inFAMOUS before it comes out by playing the official demo that goes live on the PSN this Thursday. Hope you enjoy it.

That's it for now!

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Parapraxis3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

I, along with many others harassed the sh!t out of them on the blog to do this with KZ2.
I guess either somebody listened for inFAMOUS, or the marketing team temporarily removed their heads from their arses to promote this game.

Good to if only I was inclined to go see that movie haha.

EDIT: Demo this thursday?! F**K YES!

CaseyRyback_CPO3501d ago

im sure it will be a baby on fire, crying.. or OR getting electrocuted for 29 seconds, and 1 second of "playstation" so no one knows what to get it for.

I love Sony's products, but their advertising agency sucks serious goat.

Parapraxis3501d ago

Casey, that was hilarious.
I can just picture peoples faces now as the "Only on PLAYSTSTION3" logo goes up!
Thanks for the laugh man.
Let's hope they do a good job (for their own sake)

PirateThom3501d ago

Seriously, Killzone 2 gameplay footage shown on the big screen would have made an impression. inFamous may be good, but to me it's Killzone 2 that should have had the theatre treatment. Oh well, maybe all their big games in future will be lucky enough to get this.

WhittO3501d ago

No i think they planned to do this from a while back, i remember them saying inFAMOUS was getting movie style advertising treatment, i guess they meant that ads were going to be showin in the cinema (lol i thought they meant it would have the same budget for advertising)

RememberThe3573501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

If this was a SCEE game we wouldn't see any advertising in NA. I honestly think that is one of the reasons why Reeves is gone. I think that they realized that games like LittleBigPlant and Killzone 2 could have done better but their releases were not handled well by SCEE.

blackpanther253501d ago

all they had to do was take the killzone 2 intro and put it as a trailer. I swear to god people would gone crazy in the theaters

rockleex3500d ago

They need to do amazing stuff like that again.

Mr Freeze3500d ago

I swear everytime I watch the killzone 2 intro I get a chilling sensation every time...I love it!

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DeforMAKulizer3501d ago

YES!!! =D Sony is finally starting to market their games properly...
Lets hope they continue =D

slave2Dcontroller3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

They are FINALLY getting it. They should have PS3 game trailers in theatres for every SONY Picture Studios and affiliate movie that comes out.

WhittO3501d ago

it must be costing them alot to advertise it on the opening of a blockbuster movie, prob costing millions !

RememberThe3573501d ago

Now I guess I'm going to go see Terminator.

It's like when I went to see 10,000 B.C. The highlight of the movie was the Iron Man preview.

cranium3501d ago

But I've seen commercials for Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and LBP on the Big Screen before. What's so special about an inFamous commercial?

SprSynJn3501d ago

It looks as though the distribution of Terminator Salvation is being done by Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures (a Sony company) internationally. Chances are they made a deal with Warner Brothers (who is distributing it within the United States and Canada) to promote one of their games alongside its release for a cheaper fee. I must say, they did take a good opportunity this time around.

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Gambit073501d ago

Wow, an ad at the theaters, I'm surprised & impressed.

Forrest Gump3501d ago

This isn't the first Sony game to have Ads in Theatres,the problem isn't the presence of an Ad its the quality of the Ad.

ThatCanadianGuy3501d ago

Life is just a bunch of add's, ya'never know what you'll see

Forrest Gump3501d ago

I trust the inFAMOUS Ads will be awesome though!

Parapraxis3501d ago

I was going to point out the "Edit" button to you... but then I saw your name. =D

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