Gamer 2.0: Zen Pinball Review

Gamer 2.0: "Zen Pinball is a great pinball game. It's easy to jump into and play, but learning the nuances of each table will take a long time. For $10 it's hard to not recommend this game. It's just a simple and fun game that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. We hope this game does well, because we really would love to see Zen Studios recreate some of the all time classic tables and bring them to Zen Pinball."

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neogeo3469d ago

thought is was fantastic

snaz273469d ago

and you aint been online with it yet then! it gets even better! i love the game ive gotten pretty damn addicted already, i look forward to the new tables they bring i just hope they are resonably priced, anyway anyone that hasnt got this game yet WHAT THE HELL YOU WAITING FOR! lol

Daves3469d ago

Great for when you can't be arsed shooting stuff or when you just fancy a quick game of 'something'.

***** from me (that was 5 stars ;)

Fatal Blow3469d ago

Look's like am buying this game to day after my new hard drive come's in the post if you like pinball then u should get this

g-nome3469d ago

Fantastic game ... really one of the best on PSN. Support this studio people.