Rock Band Unplugged Console Bundle

To commemorate the debut of the Rock Band franchise on the PSP system, Sony Computer Entertainment America plans to release a limited edition Rock Band-branded PSP Entertainment Pack at the launch of Rock Band Unplugged.

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doctorstrange3346d ago

and yet is not the PSP GO!

BiggCMan3346d ago

Well E3 is still 2 weeks away so there is still a good chance of some new type of psp. I havent gotten one yet myself because im waiting to see if there will be a better one announced

Johnny Rotten3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

don't forget the Hanna Montana, Assassins Creed and Final Fantasy bundles that are coming out.

valanceer3346d ago

how do you play it?!?!!? there something special for the psp to play it on???