Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires Box Art Revealed

Gaming Union writes: "Koei have just released the box art for their upcoming title, Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. As we reported last week, the game is scheduled for release on the 26th of June, 2009 and it looks to expand upon the successful Dynasty Warriors 6, which was released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 last year."

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Selyah3227d ago

Looks pretty sweet, actually looking forward to this, like all DW games its a guilty pleasure.

ElementX3227d ago

if you've played one, you've played them all.

mephman3227d ago

I dunno, while Empires does contain the core Dynasty Warriors gameplay, it does add a new dimension at least.

Yawnier3227d ago

Looks similar to the Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires box art.