NowGamer: Bayonetta Preview

NowGamer: "Let's get this out of the way with first: Bayonetta is probably the most sexualized game character we've ever seen. Ever. She salaciously swings her hips with every step, strips half naked whenever you do a special move, and even stops to perform a sexy dance while cooing, "Do you want to touch me?" It's like Platinum Games has delved into the sub-consciousness of every male gamer and emerged with an amalgamated personification of all their sexual fantasies. Hey, we're not complaining!"

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Pheonix033472d ago

Bayonetta is gonna take teh world by surprise on how phenomenol it will be! It may not be hyped up now, but when Bayonetta ends up one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time (not just 2009), it'll make a name for itself.

And I agree with the preview: I am definitely looking forward to Bayonetta way more than God of War 3 or any other game this year for that matter.