New Star Defense Trailer Highlights Facebook And Twitter Connectivity writes:

"ngmoco has been unloading Star Defense preview trailers on us like they are going out of style, so it almost feels like we have already played the game, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Today's brand new Star Defense trailer gives us a glimpse into the Facebook and Twitter connectivity they have been working on.

Star Defense will allow you to play the usual campaign mode all alone if you wish, but you will also be able to challenge a friend through Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode allows you to wrack up as many points as possible, and then challenge a friend to see if they can beat your high score. You can submit your high scores automatically to Twitter or Facebook, which places a standard message along with a link to your high score. Anyone following your Twitter or Facebook feed can follow that link to challenge your score."

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FuzzyChinchilla3493d ago

i like how they link your high score so every one can see...competition is always GOOD!