More Modern Warefare 2 Footage Hits This Week

Kotaku: This Thursday's GameTrailers will be showing off a new Modern Warfare 2 gameplay teaser, I'm told.

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interrergator3495d ago

no teasers damn it i want to see a trailer but o well ill see more at E3 lol

LukaX233495d ago

It would be great to see some actual gameplay :P Can't wait!

Irish-Republican3495d ago

i would like to see some new guns in the video

MoneyMarko3495d ago

Whats the odds this game will be almost identical to cod 4?

kaelix3495d ago

If the graphics go way beyond what cod4 offers, you know and I know multiplats are always going to be limited due to the fact both systems would need to be identical dun dun dun o.O

tha_meat_beater3495d ago

im glad its commimg out on a console with a standard hard drive. anything less would be unacceptable AND uncivilized !

-MD-3495d ago

Well you can have your hard drive I'll take the better FPS controller.

-MoOkS-3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I'd take faster loading time, better graphics, better controler and a better multyiplayer setup over a hard drvie anyday.


@ the uninformed guy below me, 360 controller is far more comfortable than the ps3's, for fps. Dead zone? hahaha looks like the ps3 controller couldn't help killzone 2's sloppy, delayed truning controls.

digger183495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

And which is the better FPS controller then, because it ain't the 360's.

The PS3 controller has been proven to be the better controller because of the dead zone on the sticks. The 360's is way too sloppy and inaccurate, although it does have way better triggers.


To the total uniformed about everything tool above me: That is your opinion but very wrong. If you read the link I posted you will see why.

Oh and I hope the 360 version is as good as the PS3 version this time, not like with the first COD MW:

"With that said, the console similarities end when it comes to textures, lighting and resolutions, because those three areas make the PlayStation 3 version definitely excel over the Xbox 360 SKU"

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The story is too old to be commented.