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shadowfox3501d ago

LMAO, $10/$20 price cuts. Still, the timing is kinda unusual... maybe Amazon is trying to move some PS3s before the official price drop at E3?

FamilyGuy3501d ago

BUT amazon always has slightly lower prices than other retailers. I would say this isn't even news. has better deals anyway if you're already gonna buy online.

I live in the U.S. in Cal and not only do you get free shipping from, we here get all amazon sold products tax free. So $389.99 would be your total price where as it would be $432 in stores.

About a price drop: Yes price cuts are good for consumers but if $100 is really stopping someone from buying one they probably shouldn't get one at all. A price cut just makes it look a lot more appealing compared the the 360, its direct competition.

Lifendz3501d ago

You ask for 100 and Sony goes you 10. Gotta love it.

joydestroy3501d ago

ahhh lamesauce dude. all i saw was price drop and immediately thought 100 bucks off. what a let down haha.

gamesmaster3501d ago

maybe they're anticipating something "slimmer" comming at e3 and they're warming up for a "fat" sale. hmmmmmmmmm

BRG90003501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

The way the price is presented is another sign that this is just Amazon, not Sony. Retailers aren't allowed to advertise lower prices on consoles than MSRP set by the makers, which is why price drops happen everywhere at once and you never see consoles "on sale". Online stores sidestep this by doing that "see price in cart" gimmick. The actual PS3 page on Amazon just has a stuckthrough $399.99.

TapiocaMilkTea3501d ago

$10 is no big deal at all, just a typical Amazon price fluctuation from time to time.

creatchee3501d ago

You'd be surprised! A lot of people will buy something (even a big ticket item like a game console) just because it's $10-20 off - especially in this economy...

orakga3501d ago

"Retailers aren't allowed to advertise lower prices on consoles than MSRP set by the makers"

This is false.

The MAKERS can't lower the price below the MSRP. OTOH, the retailers are free to set the prices as they see fit. If the retailers don't lower it below the MSRP, it's because they don't want to (for whatever reason).

BRG90003501d ago

I admit what I stated above is just something I remember reading a long time ago, and could be incorrect. By makers, I meant Nintendo/Sony/MS, so I'm not sure if you're defining it differently because I meant the makers SET the MSRP. But a couple questions if what you said is really true:

1. If retailers are free to place permanent or temporary price cuts on consoles, why don't they ever do it? You never EVER see sales on current SKUs of Xbox 360s (for example... insert your console of choice), or $20 off coupons, or anything like that.

2. Look at the Amazon PS3 page. Why do they require you to put the item in cart to see the price? They explain:

If the product detail page says "See price in cart":
To see our "in-store" price on this product, click on the "See price in cart" message. Some suppliers request that retailers not advertise a price if it drops below a certain amount, but in-store prices may be lower. At a physical store, you may have to check the display or ask a salesperson to find out the in-store price of this product. At Amazon, by clicking on "See price in cart," you are asking to see the price, at which point we show it to you."

You must have different logic though?

Lifendz3501d ago

my comment was pure sarcasm. I love the idea of Sony giving the middle finger to all the cry babies that go on about the 100 dollar price drop. Let them eat cake!

Hutch23553501d ago

Actually they can sell it for what they want, but they also run the risk of losing their discount or getting delayed shipments. I work in the golf retail world and it is the same. We are forced to sell products at a certain price by the fact that we could lose discounts or have delayed shipments. It is the same for most major manufactures goods on many different products. Example: The best selling golf ball is the titleist pro v1, so we were selling them for 3 dollars less than the competition. We get a letter from Titleist that states if we continue to sell this product for this price our next shipment will be delayed and we will move down to gold discount from platinum. I have also seen this with other companies as well. So even though price fixing is illegal it happens. Explain why Walmart that works on a much smaller profit margin than gamestop sell them for the same amount. Walmart has the resources to sell it much lower than gamestop and then they would sell far more, but they do not.

barom3501d ago

MEGATON!!! hahahah nice one ps3center. You just lost some respect.

Sarcasm3500d ago

It's not a price cut, it's an ignorant article.

SL1M DADDY3500d ago

Sony did not offer the price drop. Amazon did. Gotta love it. :-/

locos853500d ago

Maybe they are trying to clear stock for the PS3 slim? Which will be cheaper than the current skus. Then it would be almost impossible to get rid of these

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socomnick3501d ago

Price cut is not from sony, this is done by Amazon since their ps3 inventory isn't selling at all.

Pennywise3501d ago

Yeah well, if the PS3 which is out selling the xbox WW is not selling at all... I wonder what the drop will be for the xbox.

You need to take your stealth trolling skills back to school!!

Sony Rep3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

haha. was that even a joke? you should stick to the forums. your corny jokes won't be missed here.

FamilyGuy3501d ago

You gotta be sh1tting me.

Anyways, i could see this as news because the PS3 is always standard retail price at so they have reduced it (pointlessly) but it is insignificant and means nothing.

They've been selling the DS3 controllers at a reduced price for month yet there was no official price cut on those. it means nothing.

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ultimolu3501d ago

I think socomnick says these things to piss people off.

Sad indeed....*shakes head*

spandexxking3501d ago

stealth trolling?!?!?!? its plain as day!
on topic; the ps3 has been £289 on amazon for ages

TapiocaMilkTea3501d ago

Why are people comparing Xbox sales to PS3 sales? It doesn't matter which one sells more, it matters how much inventories they have for each. Definitely Amazon has too much PS3 units lying around, so they have to lower the price a little to get rid of them.

Lord Kesselroy3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

You are correct. This is not a Sony price cut. This is an Amazon price cut. Retailers (online or brick/mortar) almost always cut the price for 3 reasons:

1. The manufacturer (Sony, in this case) is reimbursing them for the drop.

2. They have a huge inventory that is not moving at all.

3. The manufacturer is releasing a new SKU and therefore those in inventory will be next to impossible to sell at the regular full price.

I believe that it is a combination of #2 and #3.

This leads me to believe the the "redesigned PS3" is not a rumor and is actually going to be shown at E3 in two weeks.

shawnsl653501d ago

i'm going to have to choose option #3

Arnon3501d ago

I thought amazon wasn't even important.

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SeanScythe3501d ago

I only approved because just like the controllers with lower price the same goes for the system. Maybe someone was planning to buy a system and this would be the better deal for them.

theKiller3501d ago

obama is a liar and not much better than bush, any way the one who runs USA is not the president but the big cooperations behind them!

on topic:
maybe amazon wants to shift some stock before the price cut???

Kurylo3d3501d ago

which is exactly why obama is taking control of corrupt corporations and owning them lol. Obama is the man, and a true hero. Dont be mad cause hes not a republican. Republicans had their chance the last 8 years... its our turn to do something positive for not only the country, but for hte planet.

theKiller3501d ago

LOL, u r a simple man!! u have a simple brain. republicans or democrats are all the same coin with different sides!

they r all carrying the same policies out side america, and those policies r very bad and terrible to the other nations in the world!

he didnt want to close guantanamo and even till now its not closed!! both wars on iraq and afghanistan is on and now he opened a new war in north pakistan!!!

the american elections/democracy is only a fantasy which is far from the reality!

u american always got 2 options,
1st option: choose a devil(republicans candidate)
2nd option: choose the devil's son(democrat candidate)

u call that freedom??? what happened to the other political parties which have different views to the world and to America it self????

and the other funny thing is that many powerful people in obama government r the same candidates from the bush administration!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Daishi3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Off topic, Obama owning those "Big corporations" is called socialism and doesn't mesh well with a capitalist nation. And he has spent more money within 100 days than any other president has spent in the entirety of their terms. On topic, I'm glad people approved this. It isn't Sonys price drop, but hey, for people picking one up this month worldwide (over a hundredthousand I'd presume) this is a great way to save $10 or $20 dollars and spend it on movies or games.
Oh and off topic again during the Bush admin. congress was controlled by the Democrats but as someone who is trying to own his own busniess all poloticians try to do is take your money, redistribute it minus a few of thier expenses, and "give" it back to you (or more than likely someone else) for economic "growth". It's funny how it costs millions just to discuss how their going to save money...

shawnsl653501d ago

well this still can't beat the Dell's deal when they have one. Got mine off dell through border's perks 21% off + sony card $150 off. Got my credit reimbursed... total came out to be $178.86 (already included tax n free ship)

it was an 80 gig model.

evrfighter3501d ago

"And he has spent more money within 100 days than any other president has spent in the entirety of their terms"

well he could have sat back, did nothing, and not have spent that money but where would that have left us?

still reading about 50-100k jobs lost each week is where we'd be. I like how all of Bush's stupid mistakes are being blamed on Obama.

Hutch23553501d ago

If you new anything about politics you would understand that when Clinton forced banks and mortgage lenders to give loans to people who didn't qualify, that was the start of it. Well actually it started back when Carter was in, but Clinton ratched up the pressure on the banks. Basically he told banks like BofA and others that if they wanted to put branches in certain areas, they had to lower the standards to qualify for those said loans. So it started before bush. Obama and his administration are on record for saying "never let a crisis go to waste" meaning hey lets scare people into thinking the sky is falling, then we can do all the things we want. You do realize the money he is spending is being borrowed from China right, or maybe you don't know. We already owe them 1 trillion dollars. So if you have kids or plan on having them, I am sure they will thank you for supporting the spending going on today.

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Dlacy13g3501d ago

Come on guys... Amazon does this kind of thing fairly regularly to get product moving. $10 to $20 off is standard OS for Amazon. And if this is the "actual" price cut then Sony is gonna have a long summer of being 3rd in the console race.

Sony Rep3501d ago

Isn't it like a pre- Father's Day sale? I checked an article earlier about an Amazon Father's Day discount on select PS3 games.

STICKzophrenic3501d ago

Definitely doesn't beat the Sony Card offer of saving $150 that I used earlier this year.

STICKzophrenic3501d ago

LOL, so the people that disagreed with me are saying that $10 off is better than $150 off? Ok... o_O