Console Monster: Hasbro Family Game Night - Connect 4 Review

Console Monster writes: "The gaming market changes from time to time, with developers focusing on a different range of gamers. The family market seems to be the desired target market these days with Nintendo releasing the Wii and Microsoft releasing more and more family friendly games. Well, EA have decided to jump on the cash cow and have teamed up with Hasbro to bring us the Hasbro Family Game Night. You can download the HFGN for free but each individual game costs a staggering 800MS Points. In this review I am going to cover Connect 4.

If you're new to the Connect 4 concept, or have never actually heard of the game, you'll be really glad to know it's really easy to pick up the idea and play. Connect 4 is a two player puzzle game in which players must take alternate turns to drop coloured chips into a vertical game board that is seven columns wide and six rows high. The object if you hadn't already guessed is to connect 4 of your chips together in a row either by going up, down, left, right or horizontally. It's all about forward planning though and trying to force the opponent into putting a chip somewhere you want them to put it..."

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