We Descend Into Capcom's 'Dark Void' (MTV Preview)

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Up until a week ago, it had been roughly a year since I last saw Capcom's and Airtight Games' "Dark Void." A cool premise and some ambitious gameplay components were overshadowed in that earlier demo by a litany of troublesome visual and functional issues. However, with "Void" currently circling a Fall '09 release and E3 right around the corner, it came as no surprise last week when Capcom breezed through New York on a media tour with a fully playable demo level from the game in tow.

In case you need a refresher, "Dark Void" follows cargo pilot Will as he is blasted into another… uhhhh… "somewhere" after taking a small detour over the Bermuda Triangle. It's not really clear what or where Void – the name of the place our hapless pilot ends up – actually is: alternate dimension, parallel universe, surreal dream-world… it could be any, all or none of those."

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