Are You Holding Off on a PSP Purchase?

PSP World writes:

"Despite the awesome lineup of games coming for the PSP, there are some factors that might be holding consumers back from picking up the hardware at retail. With a new revision on the way, what are the pros and cons of grabbing Sony's handheld at the current price? We examine each in detail to see if now is a good moment to open your wallets or whether it would be better to hold off for a few months."

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clinker3473d ago

Heck yes I'm holding off. I;m not buying anything until after E3, when we get a look at the new hardwar.e Anyway, prices are sure to drop soon.

flip-it33473d ago

with the new lineup in the future such as motorstorm, LBP and others coming soon ive been looking to get a psp but ill be waiting for E3... i wish it will come sooner.

UnwanteDreamz3473d ago

My son has one so I'm holding off on getting one myself. I'm using his for new games I really want to play.

RememberThe3573473d ago

I have two.

So, I guess not.

cherrypie3473d ago

Yes, I'm holding off.

I'm hoping MS's "xYz" Handheld comes soon.

Until then, I'll stick with gaming on my Zune 120.

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edgeofblade3473d ago

Yikes, if you haven't bought a PSP yet, then you really aren't going to. We are already looking down the FOURTH hardware revision. If you haven't found a reason to get a PSP yet, odds are you will get your PSP Go and ask "Ok, now what?"

There are plenty of great reasons to have a PSP right now, but it's not like we are sitting on something new coming soon. It feels more like a good end-of-life buy right now. The PSP is a good buy NOW, not when the new hardware shows up. And I wouldn't put too much merit in the "new" hardware. I hear the third generation screens are really different and weird. I have a second gen (slim) PSP and I love it. Kicked my DS' ass... until I got Chrono Trigger of course... but that will be remedied by downloading FF7 eventually.

Seraphemz3473d ago

The new PSP Go is about to be announced in two weeks. That is a definate reason to hold off. I just lost my 3rd gen psp a couple months back and I was about to get a new one, then i heard about the new psp coming out.

If you DONT have one already, then you might just want to wait till the new one comes out. The reasons to ALREADY have one will still be there plus there are a ton more games to be announced at E3.

Im waiting to get one, but im for sure getting one.

SaiyanFury3473d ago

Frankly, I'm with Edge. Unless a person doesn't already have one or isn't studying getting one, I seriously doubt that a person will get one in the future. Also I think it's moronic for Sony to release a THIRD revision of a console that's already been re-invented twice. I'm not planning on buying a new PSP and I never will. I already have 2 PSPs, and not one of them is one of the revisions. Both are original 1001 models with stamina batteries. I have one that I run homebrew on, emulators and nothing else and one that I keep updated so I can play the latest games that come out, I pirate zero PSP games. I love my PSPs but I don't like what Sony's doing by releasing another re-invented version of a portable console that, by my standards, didn't need updating at all. It's nice they made it lighter with the 2002, but even that didn't inspire me to buy a third one. The originals are easily good enough for me, but of course everyone has their own outlook.

PotNoodle3473d ago

I still have my original unit, i'm holding out till after E3 to see if the PSP rumours are true to get a new unit.

* Wants LBP portable.

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