Assassin's Creed II dev team triples in size

NowGamer: Assassin's Creed II's development team is around three times bigger than the team that worked on the original game according to Ubisoft.

Producer Sebastien Puel told NowGamer that around 450 people are working on Assassin's Creed II, and that 75 per cent of the original Assassin's Creed team is working on the sequel.

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zoneofenders3469d ago

will the fun be tripled....?

PistolPumptMonk3469d ago

Oh cool now we can have 27 of the same mission instead of 9!!

Haha just a joke, I think they have learned their lesson and hopefully Assassin's Creed II won't be repetitive at all. And even though the first one was pretty repetitive I still absolutely loved it. The climbing just really set it apart from other games and made me really enjoy it.

The real thing I'm wondering is how this game will stack up to Infamous since both of them are open world and involved climbing instead of cars for transportation. I think Infamous will be better but we'll have to wait and see.

Oh yeah come to think of it, Far Cry 2 was really repetitive as well and that was also made by Ubisoft. I wonder if its just how they make games now... Haha hopefully we will see an end to that trend. (By the way I also enjoyed Far Cry 2 as well but it was REALLY repetitive and a little disappointing in some respects)

ThanatosDMC3468d ago

Hopefully that means more varied missions and things to do after the main storyline.

fire233469d ago

Holy moly, 450 people on one game! That's gargantuan.

SuperM3469d ago

yea ive never heard of a dev team this big before, definately excited to see what they have acomplished. I expect big things from AC2.

PotNoodle3469d ago

They said just under 1000 people contributed or worked on GTA4 :p

dgroundwater3469d ago

Hopefully with this many people they will come up with three times the amount of stuff to do. If they have variety, they are sure to nail the rest.

kingOVsticks3469d ago

With that many people,maybe they'll actually make the the game "Different" on both consoles by building a engine for both systems. Naaaww who wants that? Lets just all have the same game with the same graphics shall we :)

LinuxGuru3469d ago

Gone are the days of console-specific optimization like you saw for PS2 / GCube / Xbox.

mastiffchild3469d ago

Yes, sadly they are. People still like to think the multi platforms we get are made as well as they can be for either platform but it's probably more true that they're a compromise for 360 AND PS3.

Exclusives are your best guage of what your console can really do and, anyway, with two fairly close(in terms of potential buyers of games)platforms third party devs won't wish to alienate fans/owners of either-not to metion Sony or MS by making one look better than the other.

SpoonyRedMage3469d ago

What you talking about with PS2/Gamecube/Xbox. I don't think I've played any multiplatform game that was superior. They were all dragged down to PS2 standard.

Care to name an example. I may be totally wrong.

LinuxGuru3469d ago

1 perfect example is the Splinter Cell series. They looked FAR better on Xbox.

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Socomer 19793469d ago

i want built in browser support like MGO, Burnout paradise,farcry 2 and killzone 2 thank you.

hee hee !

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