Shogun Gamer: New Kojima countdown details and analysis

The madness around the mysterious Kojima project countdown is continuing with the previous countdown being merely a countdown for another countdown. Rapid internet fanboys are ablaze with the latest update to the site being either a 5 or an S and off course the popular and somewhat blind decision among many is that it's a 5 and that means "OMG MGS5 is coming soon!"...

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Create3471d ago

Its not MGS, its going to be MGR5.

Snake isnt going to be the main character, as stated before. Raiden is, the only reason "solid was in the title was because of solid snake".

Raiden in Japanese means thunder and Lightning.

JeffGUNZ3471d ago

If it is MGR, is it going to actually be multi-plat? I am hoping for a brand new SERIES, I hope they leave MGS alone and start something new, from scratch.

kingOVsticks3471d ago

I don't mind a new IP or ZOE from kojima that is multi plat. I would mind if its a MGS sequel that will try to one up MGS5 and is a game that requires a lot of space becomes multi plat. It that was the case I'll be pissed because kojima vision will not be met,he didn't even have enough room on BR apparently to put all the things he wanted on there. He may say it is to journalist to reassure his fans but we all know kojima always strive to do more.

modest-genius3471d ago

It's called Metal Gear SOLID because it's in 3D, not because Solid Snake is in the game.

-In Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2, Solid Snake is the character

-In MGS3 and MGS2 Solid Snake isn't even the main character

Panthers3471d ago

Good point. Still, I like the sound of Metal Gear Raiden.

bushfan3471d ago

the 5 counters will not end at june 1..they don't..every counter count down from 99 hours..just lets think we have 4 counter left from tomorrow... 4 counter * 99 hours = 396 hours.

Now from may 19 to june 1 we have 14 days.
24 hours per day * 14 = 336 hours

everyone see that..and I assume the 1st counter end today and everyone can see isn't possible

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AliC3471d ago

I'd prefer Zone of Enders 3 tbh

Panthers3471d ago

Yea, I never played ZOE 2 and only played the demo of 1 but it was great. I will probably pick them up soon just to see what I am missing out on.

MetalGearBear 3471d ago

why they still here!?
how many N4G make new article in few minutes or hour later?
N4G is dope.

DNAgent3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Ominous clouds overhead. "5" meaning F5 (Tornado). It will count down to 1 (describing the different strengths of the Tornado).

The game will be released for PS3, Wii, & Xbox 360.

Now hopefully we're done with these articles.

dachiefsman3471d ago

These articles are far from going away unfortunately. As long as there is a teaser site the speculation will continue.


LOL at the tags.

We don't even know if this is MGS related, we don't know if this is even a new game, why put 360 there? Why put even PS3 in there? "Gaming" wasn't enough for the submitter?