Sony Snags IBM Tech Guru George Bailey

As a senior executive at IBM, George Bailey often coached Japanese electronics companies to break free of the low-margin business of churning out new gizmos every few months. He encouraged them instead to think holistically about how to use technology-and software-to create something radically new. "The storage capacity of the devices in your home-the processing power-is incredible," he said in a 2005 podcast for IBM. "What seems to be the missing ingredient is how to pull all that together and really make a difference in how we live and how we work."

Now Bailey plans to lead Sony's search for the missing ingredient in his new post as the Japanese tech giant's new "chief transformation officer." Sony (SNE) announced Bailey's appointment on May 15 and said he will officially join next month. By hiring him, Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer gets an in-house management and tech expert who has been an adviser to some of the planet's leading tech companies.

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dericb113470d ago

Completely agree. I mean Sony has been taking steps to make the entire company work better. I want to cheer on the PS3 but hell I can cheer on the living room soon if they get things going.

gunnerforlife3470d ago

great new for sony, it shows that there heading in a great direction, meanin the ps4 will b a whole lot betta technicaly when it comes out

menoyou3470d ago

yes this means great things for ps4 and maybe their other electronics, im very excited

whoelse3470d ago

I think they should hire Mr T as chief transformation officer. He would certainly bring a "change" in the company.

RememberThe3573470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

This is especially apparent when you consider how forward looking the PS3 was. Adding this guy means that the company will not only have brilliant engineers but brilliant management.

This is definitely the right move by Stringer.

solideagle13470d ago

the article is saying that BRAVIA is trumpt by samsung??? i believe i have read that in 2007 and 2008 BRAVIA was no 1 selling LCD panel..

can someone confirm?


rockleex3470d ago

Compete against the likes of Apple with BOTH great quality hardware AND software! >:D

Sony Walkmen already decode sound much better than iPods do. ^_^
They just need great software to go along with it.

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Kain813470d ago

what else can i say hope he helps out Sony.

I miss Ken Kutaragi T~T hope he will announce his Games at E3 (Cellius-Games)

ultimolu3470d ago

I wanna hear about Brave Arms dammit. The graphics looked badass so far and I thought it was a fake game too.

ultimolu3470d ago

I hope so too. It's been a while and I hope they didn't can it. Anything with Ninja Gaiden-like action is definitely under my radar.

Droid Control3470d ago

WHat exactly does this mena for the PS4?

MainstreamGamer3470d ago

The only console on the market that needs fixing is that crapbox360. After 3 years and it still has hardware problems? Sad really. I so look forward to the next motherboard revision that will fix the rrod problem....

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