About that Conduit review floating around

Just in case you were wondering, it has been confirmed fake here.

I know there is a lot of talk about a Nintendo Power review for The Conduit. There seems to be a scan floating around. The reason I didn't post it is because I believe it to be fake.

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peeps3495d ago

lol it was confirmed fake before the review was even posted on this site haha I'd be surprised if any1 didn't know it was fake by now

FinalomegaS3495d ago

hehe, on this site you don't need to be surprised.


All web sites have those type : )

SpoonyRedMage3495d ago

There's people who believe because they want to believe it.

G4drake3495d ago

probaly taht review is from a fanboy who are jealus of the quality of a wii game

ChickeyCantor3495d ago

He did it with a reason to show that people don't read the content.
And if you don't believe it? Half of N4G fell for it...just because of the rating.

He didn't do it out of hate towards HVS, just simply showing that idiots would go for the bait.

Achtung3495d ago

First of all: the review was all bad written and I don't think Chris Slate would do the review of The Conduit. Steve Thomason, Chris Shepperd or Justin Cheng are best suited for the review. Envy?

Shnazzyone3495d ago

Didn't a gamespot forum member own up to making and explained there is many hints it's fake. I don't understand why this guy didn't catch that the review is only on page 66 when the average NP is almost 150 pages long. reviews rarely start until page 90. Also that random picture with no caption just sitting there taking up space is the deadest giveaway of all.

But reguardless we all know conduit will at least get 8's across the board. 6.5... I think not.

pixelsword3211d ago

...suckiness confirmed. =/