AppCraver Review: Ipong

AppCraver writes: "Ipong! Game, from, was created by a group of Indonesian teenagers with a noble purpose: To sell at least 14,285 copies of their game so they can donate up to $10.000 of proceeds to charity. The group says it hopes to reach its goal - minus Apple's 30 percent share of sales - by the end of 2009.

I haven't encountered any other developers in the App Store with such altruistic ambitions but it seems to me that using sales of apps to to fund worthwhile causes is a terrific idea.

Unfortunately, I'd be surprised if Ipong! Game hits its top mark. It's a so-so game in need of improvements to graphics and game play.

The point is to bounce a ping pong ball on a paddle as many times as you can. Hit the ball dead center on the paddle and the ball bounces straight up. Hit the ball on one side of the paddle and it will bounce in that direction."

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