It's Hard to Pwn Alone

Loot Ninja writes:

"In this week's Battle of Wits, both myself and Steve discuss teamwork in online multiplayer games, or better yet, the lack of said teamwork. Many games require you to work together with your cohorts, but too often, gamers have a "lone wolf" mentality. Read on for our thoughts and suggestions for alleviating the issue."

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ghostface3497d ago

especially and warhawk playing capture the flag.

iiprotocolii3497d ago

The one thing I hate is when you're trying to devise strategy and everyone else ignores you as if you're some sort of idiot. Of course, they're epic plan of run-and-gun 'em fails 10x worse. "Teamwork" in some multiplayer games is an understatement. That's why playing with people you know can be important.