Ju-on, Wii horror game, coming to Europe

Rising star games is bringing the Ju-on game "Feel" to Europe.

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ChickeyCantor3495d ago


? right ?

Get a Wii xD problem solved.

SpoonyRedMage3495d ago

There's loads of comments like that and I don't get why people say the Wii doesn't have enough games seeing as though they actually want a lot of the games.

Madworld, some people want Resi: Darkside Chronicles, Ju-On, TvC... the list goes on and on.

I be there's quite a few people who want The Conduit on PS3/360 as well.

ChickeyCantor3495d ago

Spoony, its because they acknowledge it.
They know they are good games.

Why else would you want it on your console? If these games were crap i don't think they would want it on their console.

They flatout put these games in the shadow just because of the Wii's specs.

Microsoft Xbox 3603495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I have a Wii. Since day one. Kid. Don't believe me? Lets hop on Mario Kart Wii online, and I'll gladly play you. Who knows, I'll probably own you as well.

BTW....Why do you always feel threatened when someone who doesn't prefer the Wii, comments in a Wii article? You are always there in defense mode, overprotective of you precious console. Ease off.

Also read my past comments, I'm getting Conduit just like every other good Wii games. I'm a PS3 fanboy but I'm not dead lock to buying PS3-only games. Get that through your head.

ChickeyCantor3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

" I'll probably own you as well. "


As usual you guys seem more pushed actually i'm talking in general.

O snap did you just call me a kid? O Shiii...

Perhaps i'm in defense mode, you guys are always in offense mode...
My precious console? which one? My ps3 or Wii?

*slams desks from laughter*
Owning me at mario kart...aaaah...

Microsoft Xbox 3603495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Okay so next time don't assume I only have a PS3. There, its done.

But I'm still up for a challenge if your interested.

ChickeyCantor3495d ago

I was actually assuming you have a 360...

we could play now >=D
pm me

Microsoft Xbox 3603495d ago

Aha! So my deceiving name actually works then.

PM'ing you Wii friend ID.

mastiffchild3495d ago

And so..peace breaks out. I'm shocked, I didn't know it was possible on here.

On topic, where's my Fatal Frame 4 Ninty? Or Tecmo? Somebody? I have two fluent Japanese speaking mates that are happy to translate it for you for nothing. Reggie, ring me. OK? One of them speaks Croat as well so only another twenty EU langusges and we're localised!

I still can't see much of what "Feel" is like though, tbh.

- Ghost of Sparta -3495d ago

As long as it's nothing like the movies, it should be decent.

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criticalkare3495d ago

I want to import it, but isn't Wii games region locked? if I have a US Wii system, and get european or japanese version I really hope not...

Panipal20053495d ago

Why not put the Homebrew Channel on your Wii? I'm fairly sure there's ways to get around the region locks.

It's not like Nintendo deserve the respect of not doing so.

MeatAbstract3495d ago


*Player selects no*
*Player walks away*


*Credits roll*