Sequel to CoD: Modern Warfare will be named "Modern Warfare 2"

PS3-Sense writes: "There have been quite alot of contradicting rumors about the name for the sequel to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We thought it was time to find out what the name will be once and for all, which is the reason we approached Activision Blizzard Benelux. We got a definite answer from Martijn Kroonstuiver, PR Manager at Activision Blizzard Benelux.

"For now, we're using the name Modern Warfare 2 as it is a sequel to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare."

So unless Activision changes their mind again, the game will definitely be called Modern Warfare 2."

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JeffGUNZ3468d ago

Yeah, agreed. But, a few pages back there is an article that states Activision just released the name to be "call of duty: Modern Warfare 2". I highly expect it to be just Modern Warfare 2.

360isgreat3468d ago

Someone be my little princess and go find the other link. Thanks.

I think all shooters from here on out should be labled as 1,2,3,4 etc Putting different names on these games isnt fooling anyone they are all basically the same with different textures and map layouts.

Matter of fact im surprised people just dont have a primer for all shooters at this point.. Actually I think some do, nevermind.

JeffGUNZ3468d ago

Yeah, but I think Infinity Ward wants to step out of the Call of Duty and Treyarch, (or however they spell their name). I think they want to make their series fresh, because lets face it, which sounds better in the future... Call of duty 13, or Modern Warfare 4?

ipadsense3468d ago

The other article saying it will be WITH call of duty was based on a Marketing Assistant. We contact the PR Manager for the entire region. He ought'a know what they're calling it. ;)

So no, it's not old, and not a rumor either!

jamesrocks31473468d ago

its been confirmed as call of duty modern warfare 2. in a interveiw recently on a article somewhere on n4g today. this is a good few weeks old

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2