Kojima Takes Countdown Clocks To Their Absurd Conclusion

- Analysing the page's source code via Flash, it seems that the current countdown on the site is but one of five clocks that will run on the site over the next few weeks. Absolutely absurd, yes, and PR companies, know it's an abhorrent practice, but what's interesting about this is that the fifth one runs out on June 1. Or, the day of Microsoft's E3 press conference (Sony's is a day later, on June 2).

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sonarus3471d ago

OMG Konami countdown ends on June 1st same day as Microsoft E3 announcement. Its gonna happen guys its finally gonna happen *crying* i'm so happy

GWAVE3471d ago

It's sad, because if MGS4 is announced for 360 at E3, it will be TEH BIGGEST NEWZ EVAR OMG PS3 IS DEAD! Even though it's a year-old game and the PS3 is showing off Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, etc.

It's sad because the media will probably fixate on the year-old game (which is an awesome game, by the way) and act as if it's a death-blow to the PS3 instead of focusing on new games.

SL1M DADDY3471d ago

It doesn't surprise me though. they are head of the Xbox Defense Force in their wishes. Somebody needs to tell them that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

40cal3471d ago

I still think that it is going to be Metal Gear Solid 4 "Sub" whatever.

Solid 2 Substance, Solid 3 Subsistence, Solid 4 SuB???. It makes sense to me.

Euphrate3471d ago

Idiot website gives us stupid articles for hits.

Quickstrike3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

the timer reaches into next week?

Panthers3471d ago

The best thing that M$ EVER has to show it seems is getting games that are already on or coming to the PS3.

fishd3471d ago

"They're simply ignoring the time difference between Japan and America. To put this in perspective, this update to the site was made on 5/18 (according to the ad in Famitsu, the code in the .swf file, etc), but it occurred on 5/17 for those of us in America. The same will happen with the final frame: it will appear on 6/1 for the Japanese and 5/31 for the Americans."

Quickstrike3471d ago

again I would like the point out the FACT that the timer doesn't even make it to this Saturday, let alone next week.

peeps3471d ago

It may be a 1 year old game but MGS2:Substance came out almost exactly a year after MGS2...

I do agree with what you say though, and would be a shame for MGS4:Something to steal the show rather than a new ip or progression in a franchise.

I'm still not sure though. I mean there obv have been MGS games that have gone to microsofts console, but i really do think Blu-ray is a big factor that will prevent it appearing on the 360. I imagine when they brought out Substance, it was always planned and they always wanted to do it. If the same would be true about MGS4:something, i doubt the game would have featured the little ps3 quirks such as the ps3 controller for mkII, the blu-ray reference, the mantis reference etc etc

Gothdom3471d ago

I'm going with Quickstrike on this one and I'll wait 'til friday to see what's happening.

What kotaku is making is speculating on speculation. I mean, what if the flash and sourcecode is changed on the 21st?

on a side note, Kotaku sucks, stop giving them hits.

BrunoM3471d ago

Humm these news is wrong and right .. lol

it does finish on the 1st but it finish on the first at the 24h mark so in other words the second lol

We just reached the heart of the storm. Now we still have 3 patterns to experience before the !. The storm could progress over the next four days and change accordingly. If it does follow that trend, it'll end with the ! and we should get an announcement. Of course, it could also be that the thunderstorm lasts the next four days and then we have another four days of rain, followed by another four days of light rain, and then four days of sun. Ironically, that would bring us to June 2, the same day as both the Nintendo and Sony E3 conferences

SL1M DADDY3471d ago

What game on the Xbox 360 do we see so many articles about claiming that there is a rumored port to the PS3? None you say? Why is that?

Lifendz3471d ago

If no, why are you happy? I thought you owned a PS3 and already beat MGS4 on it?

Anyway, if it's true then good for 360 owners that waited this long to get the game and refused to pick up a PS3. Bad part is you're still going to miss out on the multitude of Sony in-house exclusives but at least you get a year old game to play...finally. It was one of the best games I've ever played.

Let's start the over/under on discs for MGS4 on 360. I start it at 3. What'dya think? Less than 3 or more than 3?

Oh yeah, and if it does come to 360 the PS3 owners darn well better get a trophy patch.

Aquanox3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

There are 16 hours of difference between Los Angeles (E3) and Tokyo (Kojima's Website timer)

However, nobody knows what the final flash would be. It could as well be a different, shorter timer of some form that points to MS Conference (The subsequent timers are shorter than the olders). What is almost sure is that it's not going to go further than June 1st. So chances for it pointing to Sony's Conference on June 2nd are very scarce.

Even if this is a reality, I doubt it will be a MGS4 or MGS5 announcement for the Xbox 360 (That 5 makes it too obvious) but instead, a different multiplatform project.

It would be too of a low blow from a third party to announce a big game excluding the Xbox 360 just hours before Microsoft's conference starts. Not that it's going to steal any thunder from it since the focus now lays on the multiple exclusive titles, but I don't think Konami is interested in degrading the relationship between them and Microsoft.

Anything is possible though. I'm just speculating and giving some info.

bushfan3471d ago

look. kataku say the "5" mean 5 clock, already the site show the first one right..i know that the first day the site was showing the countdown from 99 hours..

the first countdown in end may 21.
the second one in end may 25
the third one in end may 30
the forth one in end jun 3
and the fifth one in jun 7

Shadow Flare3471d ago

If mgs4 comes to xbox 360 (it's not going to happen) then i will love to see how they fit 35gb of game onto a dvd9. How many discs. . . . . This year is turning into a comedy for the 360. I'm already looking forward to how the hell they will make FF13 work on the 360. And they know they have no games this year so they have to turn to playstation to help then out, once again.

And for those xbox fans who never owned a ps2, you think you'll understand mgs4? This is not a game for people just begging for a good game this year. This is a game for Metal Gear Solid fans. And you'd be getting the inferior version at that. But thats if the game comes to 360. Which it isn't.

menoyou3471d ago

What's really sad is the biggest game 360 will ever have is a year old port from a PS3 game. lol

Shadow Flare3471d ago

That's not sad, it's understandable.

Stinkinmushroom3471d ago

kotaku = morons

the timer is japanese...

1st june Japan = 31st May in LA ( where E3 is)

I did not murder him3471d ago

Two weeks ago microsoft said pay close attention to what's around this month before e3. The reason the teaser didn't show much because this game will by hyped in a series of changes to the teaser site/footage.

Graphics3471d ago

It's definitely not MGS4, I know for a fact. But all you idiots can keep dreaming.. It's ok to dream.

IaMs123470d ago

I would very much like to point out that PS3 owners got a year old game as well, uh Bioshock which is an amazing game. SO whats wrong with the 360 getting a year old game. Oh didnt PS3 get Oblivion a year later too?

Sarcasm3470d ago

I heard Kojima once shook hands with a gamer, who happened to own an xbox360.


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PirateThom3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Yes, it sure does run out on June 1st, in Japan.

Which would make it May 31st, in America.


sonarus3471d ago

common man have faith. After all those super confirmed MGS4 on 360 rumors this has to be it

LightofDarkness3471d ago

I do believe he just called you common, PirateThom :P

PirateThom3471d ago

Well, I already figured out that April 2007 is when Jack met Rose.

Alcohog3471d ago

You can forget about April 2007 having anything to do with it. It has been confirmed that that background is simply recycled from a wallpaper advertising the movie Grindhouse, and that date is left from it.

PirateThom3471d ago

I would discount nothing when it comes to Kojima. Don't forget, he is a big fan of American movies, and the April 2007 is relevent to the Metal Gear series.

DarK-SilV3471d ago

Why do disagree with sonarus? he is being sarcastic, here have a bubble

Qui-Gon Jim3471d ago

Microsoft press event happens at a certain time regardless of what local clocks say (i.e. It is happening June 1 here AND May 31 in Japan). Whatever the announcement is, though, i don't expect it would be 360 exclusive, probably a late 2010 multiplatform release, or a re-release of MGS4 a la MGS3: Subsistence.

Qui-Gon Jim3470d ago

Maybe i'm missing something, but when you have a countdown, it counts down to the same moment no matter where you are. Has anyone figured out exactly when, Pacific time (where E3 is held), the countdown will end, though? The article says June 1, but not a time. Some people here have said June 2, but not a time. Does it end when the MS event starts, or three hours before, or five hours later?

Sarcasm3470d ago

You want Super Confirmed?

Rumor has it, that Kojima's uncles sisters grandmas niece's 2nd husband's brother has a 360.


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valanceer3471d ago

even if it does happen to be the same day as micro$ofts press event... its also the day E3 starts so its just for E3.... you seriously that dumb? mgs4 will never come to the 360

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the new king 743471d ago

next gen zone of the enders!