NPD: GTA: Chinatown Wars Continues Steady Sales In 2nd Month

According to NPD data provided to Gamasutra, Rockstar's GTA: Chinatown Wars for DS sold 74,000 in its second month on sales in the U.S., not much less than its debut that disappointed analysts in March.

Extending data provided as part of our in-depth NPD analysis, the company revealed that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, which landed at Number 18 on the all-formats Top 20 for the month, sold only slightly less than its first month of 89,000.

As Gamasutra commentator Matt Matthews notes of the Rockstar Leeds-developed title, a DS debut for the popular GTA franchise: "With the additional April sales, life-to-date [U.S.] sales for the title have reached 163,000."

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Jimis783492d ago

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