15 New Madden NFL 10 Screens

lvl2 gamer writes:

"fter a recent stint of previews, here are a number of screen shots from the game (all of them being game play shots). We see names like Carson Palmer, Donvon McNabb, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers and much more."

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RonyDean3437d ago

Its looking really good!

360isgreat3437d ago

Every year they show these fancy pictures where do they come from because when I buy the game it looks nothing like this. Do they take them all from replay and then enhance them with PS or something?

I hate this game but not like I have much of a choice. Can we design our own plays yet? I think they added it then removed it or some nonsense. Why cant I design my frigin plays and use them online? Cant be that hard to implement. You can only do some much legally with plays so they need to get on it