Spielberg: I've been a gamer since the beginning

Gamer Limit writes "The video game industry's plight for a global recognition on par with Hollywood's can do worse than receive a glowing endorsement from one of the biggest names ever to grace the movie business. As it happens, Steven Spielberg, the man behind such visual behemoths as Jurassic Park,Jaws and Duel, has been speaking to The Guardian about his love for an industry that he believes has a great future, as well as a glittering past."

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syvergy3475d ago

I'll give him some gaming cred - Boom Blox was awesome.

Clance3475d ago

Let's have a GREAT Jaws game!! Pretty please SS!

chrisjc3475d ago

War of the Worlds was his last good movie. Stop making junk like Crystal Skull, Steve!

Boom Blox the Pixar Movie! Calling it.