Top 10 Final Fantasy Overkills

If you want to enjoy Final Fantasy, you need to suspend your disbelief, a little. And if you're willing to accept that a sulky teen can kill a dinosaur, you're willing to accept anything. That's why we take the following attacks with a grain of salt.

These are the top ten Final Fantasy attacks that went above and beyond the boundaries of plausibility, necessity, and extravagance. The attacks that brought a nuclear bomb to a knife-fight. It's the top ten Final Fantasy overkills.

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Candlestickmaker3437d ago

Some of those vids ought to come with an epilepsy warning.

syvergy3437d ago

I think we need a top 10 of final fantasy top 10s.

Epicor3437d ago

Takes me back to good old days. I just loved (and I still love) those over 2min long summon/limit attacks. It's a shame summons were pretty much useless in FFXII. In FFVII, VIII and IX summons were vital tools of survival (well sure you managed without them but it just wasn't as fun...).

spectyre3436d ago

What an incredible amount of work to get it, but it was well worth it.

Mc1873436d ago

God I spent forever trying to get it but it was sooooooo worthit in the end