Will Big Surf Island ever arrive?

For fans of the Electronic Arts title, Burnout Paradise, the hopes that the under-construction suspension bridge that leads to Big Surf Island will finally be open and the promised add-on pack will be released is something that has more than a few players of the game a bit unhappy. Developer Criterion has been talking about the downloadable add-on for Burnout Paradise for a long time, according to fans, and they are really starting to wonder if it will ever arrive for download.

According to the Burnout Team at Criterion, the "if you can see it, you can drive it" add-on for the game is still in development, but this premium downloadable content pack seems to have fallen off the map a bit, with players in the game joking about the fact that it will likely never arrive. With the Cops and Robbers add-on pack only recently released, our sources tell us that full attention has been turned for finishing up Big Surf Island.

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