Cheapest Clarkdale for $84, Dual-core 32nm with 45nm IGP

/*Dual-core 32nm with 45nm IGP*/

Fudzilla: "In Q1 2010 we expect the first Westmere 32nm generation CPU, and as we said many times before, the codename for this dual-core, four-thread CPU is Clarkdale.

According to Intel's updated plans the cheapest Clarkdale will surface in Q1 2010 for $84 and it should replace the Pentium E6300, the CPU with 2.8GHz dual-core, FSB 1066 and 2MB L2 cache.

Intel's Westmere generation CPU will support multithreading, so you can expect that this dual-core should support four threads, unless crippled by Intel. One thing is also sure, that AMD's 32nm will once again come later than Intel's, but since Intel's 32nm transition has been delayed we expect the gap to be smaller than with the 45nm transition."

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