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IGN: "Over twenty years ago, Capcom introduced gamers to a story where the hero was dropped deep behind enemy lines with little more than a pistol and a bionic arm. Bionic Commando went on to become an action classic thanks to its challenge and its gameplay, and fans of the original will frequently tell you stories of how fun, but also how difficult the game was.

In many ways, it was a badge of honor to play through and complete, and players eagerly awaited the next chapter for Rad Spencer. While the original was remade in last year's critically acclaimed Bionic Commando Rearmed, Grin took almost another year in producing a true sequel, also called Bionic Commando. Confusion of naming conventions and systems for each game aside, the new Bionic Commando is an enjoyable addition to the franchise for action fans."

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TrevorPhillips3472d ago

I didn't like the multiplayer demo at all it sucked to be honest

qface643471d ago

an 8 seems about right for this game
didn't feel or look like a 9 and up game
doesn't look bad but it doesn't look amazing either just alright

what i personally don't like is the character model

TOO PAWNED3471d ago

I don't see purpose for this game, it seems so pointless. That retro version last year was awesome and made sense, but this 3d "let's get them on nostalgia" isn't working for me. Looks more like 7 than 8

Briyen3471d ago

noooo and i loved bionic commando rearmed so much

pi- piiii!!

Ghoul3471d ago

*shakes head*
"Looks more like 7 than 8 "

oh boy i dont really need to comment that do i ?

Blaze9293471d ago

And the correct score showing should be a 7/10 and a 8/10 from IGN US.

But yeah I'm shocked, either IGN is out of their minds or the single-player must be really good becuase that Multiplayer demo was UNBELIEVABLY awful. I played that thing for 5 minutes before I quit and deleted it.

Then you have Gameinformer giving it a 5/10. Dunno, hope a SP demo comes out.

table3471d ago

You must remember that IGN work on a 8 - 10 scale. 8 being horrific and 10 being unbelievably amazing.

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Bathyj3471d ago

I'm passing on this one, for now at least. I want to get the full GH Metallica set as well as inFamous so I think I'll save my cash.

Eiffel3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Guitar Hero Metallica? Pfft save your money. My friend was unlucky enough to think a metal variation of Guitar Hero would be challenging at all if not even fun. Its really just been dumbed down for casuals. Not a good game in the least from his opinion.

Its worth a rent, but thats about it.

LightofDarkness3471d ago

...and I'll say it again: IGN hand out high-scores like sweets. They are afraid of pissing off both fanboys and publishers alike. IGN UK and AU give more reasonable and honest scores, but the US IGN seems to be the official a**-kissing and lip-service site. People who think IGN are the most "credible" review source need to think again. Its like "here Capcom, we gave your shoddy game an 8, can we have more exclusives please?"

PrimordialSoupBase3471d ago

Agreed. But having played it through to the end, Bionic Commando is pretty solid and it merits this review.

The problem is that Capcom put out the worst demo imaginable; singleplayer is leagues better than multiplayer. But the damage has been done I suppose.

Panthers3471d ago

IGN gives scores that seem justified. I trust their reviews.

meetajhu3471d ago

LOL @ Pepsi and Nvidia Ads!!! hahahha

Rob0g0rilla3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I thought the online was terrible. I didn't like the controls at all(definitely something to get to used to). I had planned on buying this day one but thanks to the demo I'll probably just rent it.

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