x360a Review: Fable 2's See The Future DLC

x360a writes: "Let's not beat around the bush here, Fable 2's first incarnation of downloadable content, Knothole Island, was a little flat, a tad lifeless, and incredibly short. Not exactly the epitome of value for money. Here we are though, second chances and all, and we're hoping that Lionhead can instil a little pizzazz into their title with their second, slightly cheaper, outing, See The Future.

See The Future sees the return of Murgo the charismatic trader and his wonderful range of wacky items that carry a whole lot of trouble with them. The downloadable content sees the introduction of two small new areas with a quest tied, with the added bonus of a Coliseum, that makes the Crucible look like a leisurely stroll in the park..."

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