GameFocus: GDC Canada Afterthoughts

GameFocus writes: "May 12th and 13th saw the introduction and expansion of the Gamers Developer Conference (GDC) with GDC Canada held in Vancouver. The biggest misconception people have with GDC is that it is just another big game show for developers to show off future titles. While that might be the case to some regard to the main show in San Francisco, their other shows and GDC Canada in particular, are more about informing the masses. You won't hear any stories about new or unannounced games, but you will get to listen to people talk to you about how a previous game was made and giving you insight on the industry in general. If you are looking to get into the industry or to see if you have the potential, then attending GDC is a given. Now that the two day long conference is over, here are my afterthoughts of GDC Canada."

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